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relocation to Cyprus

Posted by Carol Quinlan - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kittyliz - 9 years ago

P.S. I should have included that if you are hoping to find employment here,your chances are far higher if you learn to speak Greek and as soon as possible. If you are highly qualified and/or can offer a genuine profession (eg. accountancy;teaching;medicine or related field;law; IT at a sought-after level;etc) then Greek is often not essential.

If you can only offer bar-work;driving;property maintenance;dog-walking, then you would find securing employment extremely difficult here without a good level of Greek.

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Posted by kittyliz - 9 years ago

Hello Carol,

I did seriously consider moving to S E France a few years ago,as I love the country and in particular the area around Ceret (close to the French/Spanish border) where I have a number of friends,and am also fluent in French and Spanish. However having visited Cyprus often over some 5 years I decided to move here,and did so just over 2 years ago.

I have had no regrets. The Cypriots are warm,polite and helpful;taxation is low (personal earnings threshold of 19500 euro before paying a cent/'council tax' one tenth or less of that in the UK);service providers are efficient and responsive;a very low crime rate (and most of that is not by the Cypriots themselves); excellent and cheap local produce; a way of life that is relaxed,fun,but with respect for others;excellent healthcare; fantastic weather;and a range of scenery,cafes,restaurants,beaches,shops,activities that is amazingly wide and varied for such a small island.

Yes,it is pricey here if you want desperately to buy Heinz baked beans,UK bread or sausages, PG tips tea etc as so many seem to complain about,but as you've been living in France I'm sure you are more adaptable in your general approach-fruit,vegetables, bread,local meat and fish are comparatively cheap and of a high quality.

As another response to you said,much depends on your personal needs/requirements re where to live here. Nicosia is sophisticated and cosmopolitan but not close to the sea; Paphos is pretty and greener but because so many British have properties there and recently have needed to sell because of the low £ and UK recession,house prices are still falling there and no one can guess when the market will recover-it does have a very British feel to the place,which may or may not be what you prefer; Larnaca is quieter with great seafood restaurants and all amenities-the area has pockets of the same property sales problem and for the same reason as Paphos; Limassol is lively,sophisticated and cosmopolitan, with a long and beautifully remodelled seafront. House prices are not affected to any noticeable extent in either Limassol or Nicosia.

If you are considering buying it would be worth a visit first,or trying to access the local newspapers (Cyprus Mail is island-wide) as prices are cheaper than that asked by estate agents generally.

I hope this helps in some way.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Carol, a lot depends on whether or not you will be working when you move here; whether you want to be in a very 'British' community or prefer a truly Cypriot environment; if you have children of school or college age who will be living with you here; and how important it is to you to be in close proximity to a major town etc.

Also on what your main interests are.

I also believe, having read other similar threads, that many of the 'comparative' comments on this site are made by individuals who have only ever lived in either the UK or Cyprus; they therefore regard the lifestyle in Cyprus as 'strange' rather than recognising that it reflects a very common pattern in many parts of the world.

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Posted by JCGX-689138 - 9 years ago

Do not burn your bridges, come and stay in Cyprus for a while before you commit yourself. Cyprus is a very, very difficult place to live, you have to be very laid back, do not expect anything to happen in a hurry. We've lived here for 10 years and know how things go, or not. Everything is done the Cypriot way, their way. So many laws are just flaunted, hardly anybody wears crash a helmet on their motor bikes, or wear seat belts in the car, kids are not strapped in car seats. They speak on their mobile phones and smoke at the same time as they drive. People drink and drive and there is hardly any breathalysing. If there are no police they will drive through a red light and even do a u tiurn on a dual carriageway. Poison is put down to get rid of stray pests, loved pets unfortunately suffer. It is very, very noisy sooked up motorbikes and cars race noisily on many roads.

However it is not all negative there is a positive side to Cyprus, the sun shines many days of the year and the Cypriots on the whole are happy welcoming people. You have to accept things as they are, you will never change anything. It isn't easy to live here, it's getting expensive Cyprus is a challenge. Are you ready for a challenge?

All the best whatever you do.

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Posted by Nash-668715 - 9 years ago

Hi Carol.

It's a very difficult question to answer because if you live in the Paphos area you are probably going to recommend Paphos, and if you live in Limassol probably the same.

So I would recommend you come over and do your own home work, so you have a better chance of choosing the area you will be happy with.

We actually live close to Paphos in a nice village, and we love it but that doesn't mean you would like it.

If you want to private message me for any advice at all please feel free, would be glad to help.