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Robberies on the Limassol area

Posted by alexmar - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by alexmar - 8 years ago

Thank you so much for your replies.
I really don't feel safe in Cyprus anymore and now I lock everything, every window, every door, the gate, I let the dog inside the house so he can attack anyone that consider going in and I'm considering installing an alarm but the big problem is that sometimes even so, you don't feel in peace anymore. Now I look over my shoulder everytime I go home or I leave because somebody can be watching your every move.

The police doesn't do anything... Nothing is mentioned on newspapers I don't understand, so many robberies lately between people I know or friends of friends and nothing is done or mentioned on the news?

It's a shame that this happened to Cyprus!!

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Posted by johnandruth-709990 - 8 years ago

Hi, We have been burgled in Protaras. Have now had alarm fitted. Still not had anything from the insurance who say that they have not had a report from the police yet.

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Posted by tikka-664777 - 8 years ago

Unfortunately Cyprus is not the place it used to be! We are now looking at investing in a security system for our house, something which I never considered needing out here before. There have been so many burglaries & break-ins around our area in the last few months, even one on Christmas day!!

Since Nov we know of houses having been robbed in Episkopi, Erimi, Kolosi & Limassol (holiday inn area). Some were in the day time, others at night & a few even when the people were at home in bed!! They seem to target money, jewellery, computers, phones & TV's, things they can grab & quickly sell on, but the saddest part is the destruction they do once inside the property, i.e. smash & trash the place.

This has definitely become a big concern of ours, as lately we are hearing of 3/4 of these a week from friends affected, therefore I'm guessing there must be many more that we don't know about!! In each of these cases the police were called & took finger prints etc, but as yet no one has been caught & none of the stolen items found.

Although I still consider Cyprus to be a great place to live, no longer can we consider it an almost crime free place to be. We all need to be more alert & become more aware of our surroundings.

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Posted by paw500 - 8 years ago

Sorry to hear about your break-in. It will not get any better with so many people out of work. I live in the Paphos area were there also have had a great many break-in I had a Alarm fitted which even rings me to tell me that there is something wrong, I think it is the only way to go. It is alright thinking that it will not happen to you, but I am sure one day it might. There was a article in one of the Cyprus paper saying that the average time a burglar is in the home is 3 minutes and the average damage / loss in €2000 I think a Alarm is well worth having. The firm I used is a English one with a office in the Paphos area but I do know they go as far as larnaca and Limassol They have a web site have a look www.crosbyintruder.ec

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Posted by bazbar-677153 - 8 years ago

Sorry to hear about your experience but we were also burgled in July whilst we were in bed.The Police told me there were 4 other robbery's

that night and every night is the same.Sadly this is not reported in the paper so as to 'protect' the Cyprus low crime image.

We were in the Germasoyia area but have since moved as we no longer felt safe.

Advice is to fit window and door locks and always take your valuables upstairs with you.

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Posted by alexmar - 8 years ago

They also took a pearl necklace in a red box very easy to identify, my mother-in-law gave it to me and it's irreplaceable

A necklace with blue hearts, one with small violet flowers and a medallion that you will not find anywhere here, with a sun in one side and a moon in other side that rotate inside a golden circle, this is unique and it was an offer from my mother.

Some of the things have greater value because of the memories that they carry… L

They also stole an external HD 500GB without a box (I have the serial number) and a HP photograph camera

I also have the SN of the Canon photograph camera.

Please check for them if you normally go to markets and second hand shops...

Thanks again for your help!!

If you know any shop that buy this kind of things please please let me know!!!!