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The Mall in Limassol

Posted by Limassol T - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kittyliz - 9 years ago

I have been to the Limassol Mall at least a dozen times, and every time have not been able to resist buying from at least one of the boutiques. For information-only one is a 'designer' shop, the others are French,Italian,Canadian,Greek,Spanish chains! I think some believe they are 'designer' shops simply because they have not heard of them back home.

The shops are not that expensive-I am not wealthy and live on a pension.I have bought shoes,boots,bags,dresses,jackets,books, hand-made soaps...and of course have had coffees and meals. I love watching the youngsters ice skating too.

The shops there (with one exception) are not the ubiquitous UK high street chains,true,but value for money nonetheless for their more interesting and stylish items. Sadly there is nothing in the recent M&S ranges that I would want to buy.

I'd love to afford the latest Audi R8 at 207,000 euro,but have had to settle for a Vitara....hey,ho!!

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

I really do think that it is high time that Cypriot retailers - along with retailers all over the world - need to rapidly cotton on to the fact that people's shopping patterns are changing. Nowadays I regard the shop as a place to view and select an item that I wish to purchase. Then it's back home and onto the Internet to find out the prices in other shops (hard to do here in Cyprus as a lotof local businesses do their websites in Greek only), Ebay, and specialist shops who will ship overseas (and there are loads and loads who do). Then, and only then - if the price is right - I may go back to a shop to buy. The inflated Cypriot prices will usually only get my business if the item requires trying on (for size purposes) or fragile so may suffer in shipment. I have bought items from America, Australia, Hong Kong as well as from the UK. All shipments have been safely received and duties on the non eu supplied goods have been reasonable - even negotiable in some instances depending on who is on duty at the post office (since categorising an item can be a little hit-and-miss).

As for the Mall - the best thing about it is the parking. I prefer the M+S there as it is so easy to get to. Smaller than in town maybe, high prices maybe, but a lovely little food department nevertheless and just the right selection of clothes items too. Other shops in the Mall - well I don't think I'll ever be visiting them as I have a personal thing against paying high prices for designer goods anywhere - not just here in Cyprus - and the Mall appears to be designer goods paradise as far as I can tell......

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Posted by erico-660956 - 9 years ago

I work in Cyprus retail so it is my job to watch what is happening. The fact that no-one is buying is happening in the mall, Anerxatesias and in all areas... people are looking but not buying. But this week has seen a spectacular upturn in sales where the reductions have started. in the mall they haven't yet so it remains to be seen what will happen there. However in general, the mall seems to have became a leisure destination rather than a retail destination, which is worrying. Personally, I go there, eat at Ocean Basket, go for a walk around and leave without buying anything...unless it is from Public..,..!!!

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

We've been to the mall 2, maybe 3 times; total purchases nil, likelihood of going there again extremely low. "Public" is a noisy, disorganised waste of space selling stuff nobody needs at inflated prices. And can somebody please turn the heating down - it's like a sauna in there......

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Posted by dancelooby - 9 years ago

I went just before xmas and noticed that very few people had lots of bags or is that just a Brit thing.............................that we love to shop?

Just not the right shops for me and all FAR too expensive, I buy very little here opting to shop online, which is a great pity as I love shopping !!!

But I still like The Mall.- it's a great step forward.


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Posted by gazzaga - 9 years ago

It's certainly a busy place and I live close to it. I had a letter published in the Cyprus Weekly expressing concern aboyut the lack of traffic planning when the Mall opened. Zakaki gets very busy and the traffic through Trachoni comes flying through a tiny village without a single pavement on the main drag. At the time of my letter I aske how long until the first fatality.

I read in the Cyprus Mail today that there was a Road Traffic fatality yesterday. IN THE CAR PARK!!!!!!!

At the time I suggested the Mall ran a sweepstake and gave some sort of prize to whoever picked the day of the first fatal RTA. If you had 30 December, claim your prize!

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Posted by Wingnut-669538 - 9 years ago

sure, public is great. we all love it. but it's still more expensive than buying online from play, amazon etc.

rest of the shops are far too expensive except for lepus and mavros. tomy hilfiger - 120 euros for a cotton shirt ? shops selling leather winkle picker type shoes for 200 euros ?

i hope it will not be another fisco lotus plaza...

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Posted by Limassol T - 9 years ago

Well its probably not for everyone, but even Public has much more than paperbacks- what about their special offers on games, electronic items etc.?

What about shoes, clothes, jewellery, kitchen items and gifts, toys..... phones? You mean noone buys that stuff?

Surely, except for the large e & s dept store, its a better option than Anexartisias street?

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I agree with Wingnut. The little shops there are a strange collection of mostly unknown names offering items nobody would need in daily life.

Public was offering paperbacks 3 for the price of 2, which is useful, but I thnk they've run out.

I agree some people like to go and walk around and have a coffee - especially teenagers, but as far as I'm concerned, I can walk round there and not find anything I'd want to buy.

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Posted by Limassol T - 9 years ago

Actually in know people who have places there and its not as bad as you suggest. And at the moment its quiet, but wait till the sales start!

i think it could do with some more middle of the road type shops, but I am sure they will come as it progresses. Interestingly, I hear the new mall in Nicosia (Madisons) is higher end shops than in Limassol!

Thnks for the reply.