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This is why people are not coming to Cyprus

Posted by Jennygee-676884 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Ophelia-669484 - 9 years ago

Hi all,

very interesting topic, I agree with all the comments. Cyprus is over priced for EVERYTHING and what really annoys me is that the cost of living does not match the extremely low wages they pay here. Everywhere you go, you get ripped off left right and centre. The crisis has only made matters worse, instead of businesses lower their prices they put them up, because the mentality here is to increase prices when you aren't making profit, rather than lowering them. It is no wonder this island is in a deep decline. Personally, I think it's too late for Cyprus to "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE" prepare yourselves for the situation to worsen, rather than improve.


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Posted by cosmicpulsar - 9 years ago

Hi 'Tom Brown', yes I agree with you as regards going back to the 70's/80's and being able to bargain with most things. Theres no harm in doing it now and most times you get results..... Back in the 70/80's I was stationed twice here( at Akrotiri and Troodos) and remember doing it. In one three year tour I went through three new cars and every time a bit of bargaining got you, mud flaps, seat covers,radio/cassette, mats and in one instance a tow bar on my new take back to UK Pajero. All at no extra cost.

Back to today, this morning in fact ... my wife and I went out looking for a new fridge/freezer (in Limassol) The one we fancied was 365euros. We left the shop happy after getting it for 320 including delivery and two year guarantee. We have shopped there before but I still think that was a good deal.

And as regards value for money eating... try the Erimi Kitchen .... fantastic Fish/Chips,(the batter is lovely) mushy peas and a cuppa tea for a little over 9euros.

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Posted by Relocating - 9 years ago

How's this for a rip off. We buy our wine from Pera Pedi winery at 41 euro a case, he does not sell to supermarkets or shops. Only coffee shops, the public & restaurants. Everyone pays the same price regardless of whethet it is 1 case or 100 cases. This works out at 3.4166 cents per bottle. We went out last Saturday and was charged 18 euro per bottle. We told the owner that we live here, his reply, that is the price, I have to but this you know, when we told him that we know the winey and the prices he pays as we buy there too he dropped the price immediatley to 15 euro. This is still too expensive but at least he made a discount. Most places charge 9-10 euros for this wine. It is a lovely wine and a very reasonable price, but to be ripped off like tis is outrageous. It does pay to speak up.

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Posted by bubblemaker;oP - 9 years ago

ah! But they are so "clean", as they flood their driveways with the little water this country has!! Actually, any waste bit of ground tends to be a breeding ground for garbage......we have neighbours who told me I was dirty (as I allow my 2 dogs and one cat to live in the house)....however they came and dumped a whole heap of garbage outside my parents house only yards away from the rubbish collection point......thats says it all really.

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Posted by Agatha-684986 - 9 years ago


Online car hire booking from uk £169.00 for 1 week went to hire desk had to pay a further 60 euros for petrol, 15 euros to get out the airport, 12 euros admin because it was 9pm at night this was for a normal size car very expensive Total paid for 1 week hire £241.15 ripped of or what last year we paid £165.00 dont understand must be contributing towards the airport build, even a taxi ride is expensive 48 euros for 25min ride. Wake up cyprus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will be our last year visiting your lovleyl Island.



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Posted by jamboles - 9 years ago

Last night we decided to go down to our local Village Taverna and watch the World Cup Final there, and YES found YET ANOTHER RIP-OFF.

We had Sheftalia and Chips requesting (No Salad). for two. Up came five sheftalia with a reasonable portion of chips. We decided to have a bottle of Keo's Saint Pantelemon to go with our meal too.

Total Cost 22 Euros! Now, you may find that reasonable, bu I don't. The meals were Five Euros each, fair, you would agree. BUT.........TWELVE EUROS for a bottle of wine you can buy for less than Four Euros in a Supermatket is ridiculoua in the extreme. We paid after confirming the price of the wine, but, will we go back? Very Unlikely, especially when the owner did not recognise our visit, as he usually does, and there was no complimantary tiny tot after meal that is usually offered.

So yes, there is a massive problem here in Cyprus, all due to the crazy exchange rate when Cyprus joined the Euro, but more than that, the Cypriot mentality does not allow the thought that smaller price CAN create greater profit. It seesm to me, that it is too late for the proverbial wake-up time. The gross lack of tourist's, and the thousand's of empty hotel rooms testify to that.

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Posted by bubblemaker;oP - 9 years ago

I, like most people on here, agree pricing is rediculous. To survive here, I have to work out of the country over 6 months of the year-yep, 6 months. That means I only see my husband for less than half the year. The prices here have made us totally skint, so much so, that I simply refuse to buy anything here unless I absolutely need to. Like others have said, import it from the UK, its actually not that bad, and if you can afford the time frame to wait, its better. The warranty is never covered here anyway, so what do you have to lose? Quite frankly the way my husband and I have been treated here, I begrudge the Cypriots my hard earned cash.

Its a terrible way to think, but that's how they have left us feeling. My husband and I moved here because we loved Cyprus & its people.....I am half Cypriot and gre up here. Now, we have been left feeling bitter just because of the way they have treated us, ripped us off, and their general greedy attitude towards foreigners.....quite xenophopic in fact.

Its time the Cypriots woke up to themselves.....or will they do the ususal and wail to "God" when they have nothing but barren wasteland left?? I simply love the fact that they got to "opt out" of various laws, rules & regulations when they joined the EU-they use that excuse for everything. They are so greedy in fact (and hate competition) that the cheeper stores are getting threats of closure from the main supermarkets on the island. If that isn't "nepotism" what is??

I wish we had never come here, I wish that our "dream" was never turned into its current nightmare, I wish I had the funds to up and leave. For now we are stuck here, but I along with many others, will be out of here as soon as possible. Beautiful island, shame about the greedy consequences though....

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Posted by annakyriacou - 9 years ago

Not only that prices are crazy, also salaries never raise!
I'm not happy with a fact that to go out of Cyprus for a holiday our family (husband, me and our 4 year old daughter) needs not less than 1500 Euros only for tickets. So this summer we just couldnt afford to go on a holiday, we simply booked a hotel for 5 days in Paphos (we live in Limassol) with all inclusive and that was it.
I also hate the fact about children benefits, they pay 400 Euros a year to my child. But its the only help we get from governments. I want to stay home with my daughter, because at the moment me and my husband are working full day to support the family and this way our daughter sees us only couple of hours a day or sometimes is already asleep when we pick her up. My sister in Germany gets child benefits on monthly bases and she never worked in her life, she spends time with her kids. I never had that chance and its sad that Cypriots dont help young families.

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Posted by wina - 9 years ago

its sure,realy mad life here...no mind nothing.....

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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

Work this one out?

If my wife an I go to a pub I drink a pint of lager and it costs between 2 and 2.50 Euro's. My wife drinks half a pint of coke (if you have ice in it, it's less then half a pint (poured from a 2 litre bottle of coke bought from a supermarket) 2 Euro's.

If my wife drinks a pint of lager shandy and has only a tiny bit of lager in it 2 Euro'2

If a tourist comes over here with his family of 3 kids, it costs them an absolute fortune just in drinks.

No wonder they are all going for all inclusive.

Wake up Cyprus bars and restaurants and dont smell the coffe because that is dear as well.

The Portragal CTO has warned all the bars and restaurants to drop thier prices.