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What areas of Paphos are best to live in and why

Posted by zany-684605 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

It all down to what you want to do when you get here.
Want to be in with lots more Brits?There are places like Peyia where there is a very large concentration of ex-patsA lot though do not mix with the Cypriots
Want to be working in Paphos?Paphos, like Famagusta and Larnaca is a seasonal town and most of the employment is to do with tourismTourism is down and people are looking to cut costs so employers look for the cheapest employeesLooking to work in Cyprus?English is not the language here, Greek is, so the majority of the jobs, and the better paid jobs especially, are all done in Greek and you need to communicate with colleagues and Cypriots in Greek - to expect them to know English in their own country is not rightLimassol and Nicosia have more jobs that are not tourist related, so there is a better chance of a job and a better paid jobLooking for something quiet?Why not try some of the villages in and around Paphos or LimassolQuieter life and without the hustle and bustle of the cityBasically it all comes down on what you want from Cyprus.