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Where to live?

Posted by ogdeni-692964 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by bigstylianos-677637 - 9 years ago

Hi Ogdeni,

It was strange reading your letter as my wife and I are in a similar situation, except that we moved to Switzerland (near Geneva) and are also considering a move to Cyprus. We are going for 4 weeks to have a good look around. We were there a couple of years ago and saw Aphrodite Hills and I would agree with some other comments that it is more of a resort than a home (although the houses and the scenery are very beautiful). Ayia Napa (south east) is where all the clubs are (not suitable for us in our mid-fifties) although the beaches in that part of the Island (particulary Protaras) are probably some of the best that Cyprus has to offer (but they tend to be crowded). It would be interesing to copmpare notes at some time. Wish you luck with your endeavours,

all the best


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Posted by gardner-664257 - 9 years ago


we have lived here for 3 years and the only things we miss are friends and family

but we are in limassol area which is great for us as we work,so we are central to get to anywhere on the island ,

within an hour or so and we appreciate this as this island is so lovely if we were shall we say stranded we would forget how many places there are that are of great beauty and very interesting with so much to see and do regarding eating out or shopping , plus the weather is an added bonus

bye the way will you be working or retired

as i think this may make a difference to your life style too

best of luck in you decision

Dot and tony .

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Posted by aergid - 9 years ago


My wife and I have lived in Cyprus for nearly 2 years now and yes it can be expensive and the bureaucracies

can be an absolute mine field, but we love it!!!!

Paphos area is more rugged and slightly cooler, but we chose to live on the East coast and I can highly recommend villages near Larnaca eg Kiti or Pervolia for their multicultural and friendly residents.

You are close to the main Airport on the island and yet have some really nice beaches on your door step...

Good luck on whatever you decide. BTW it was about 3-4 degrees in the Troodos today....

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Posted by DAVE AND SHEILA - 9 years ago

Welcome to the lovely island of Cyprus.

We have owned our house here for 5 years and lived here for 11/2 years and love it here. We live in Pyrgos just outside Limassol. There is a nice mix of nationalities here, not all Brits as in some of the Paphos areas. We are close to some nice quiet beaches (5 minutes drive at most) and close enough to Limassol for shopping etc. Limassol is always buzzing, summer and winter whereas some areas are deserted in winter. There is always lots to do here both in the daytime and evenings. We are equal distance to both airports and close to the Troodos mountains, so all in all, I would say we have everything we could possibly want.

I would suggest you rent rather than buy, from what we hear it means less problems should you decide Cyprus is not for you.

Good luck and enjoy the Cyprus way of life.

Kind regards


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Posted by tammy123 - 9 years ago

I am in my mid 50's too and depending on what you are looking for would say that Cyprus can offer you any lifestyle that you are looking for. I love the outdoors, walking in the mountains and the very varied wildlife. Whether you decide to live in traditional villages, which are quiet and peaceful or the more traditional expat areas with more facilities, such as Tala near Paphos. I personally prefer the Paphos and especially the Polis area. There are some lovely villages over that side you are close to Paphos forest and the Troodos mountains which are beautiful and near Polis/Latchi there are some lovely small secluded beaches which even in the height of summer are never crowded. I like snorkelling and there are some beautiful fish to be seen and it's lovely if you take a picnic with you and cool off in the sea. Polis has some lovely restaurants some cheap some expensive and a good size Papantoniou supermarket, doctors, dentists, vets, chemists in fact everything you need but with out the tourism of Paphos. There are lovely walks in the area particularly on the Akamas Peninsular which is only about 20 mins drive away. Latchi has a lovely working harbour and beautiful view of the foothills of the Troodos.
People say Cyprus is not "cheap" to live in but as an example a bottle of gas which is 9 euro actually lasted us 3 months! The electric is comparable with the UK. Again how much it costs depends on how you use things like aircon in the summer, we managed with just fans at night and only put the aircon on if it got excessively hot and cooled the bedroom down for an hour before we went to bed. Water is cheap as is the community tax. The community charge was only 70 euro for the year! Food can be expensive, but then again it depends on what you buy. If you buy UK imported goods it will cost alot, but I bought local fruit and veg which were very cheap when in season. Meat is cheap particularly pork, which is only 3 euro a kilo! My food/household bill on average came to about 55 euro a week which included all food, cleaning products etc. I made all my own meals and then froze in portions so again that made things alot cheaper.
Cyprus can be frustrating when dealing with official things such as importing a car etc. It does all come together eventually though just takes longer and you have to be patient! The weather is hot in August, but you just slow down and then you can cope with it. There is nothing better than to sit out in the evening after a hot day. There are variations in the weather and you can get spectacular thunderstorms which I love to watch. It does rain in Cyprus, it does snow in the mountains in the winter, it does get hot and humid in mid summer, but you also get alot of beautiful sunny days even in the winter. If you live in a village above the humidity level then it is alot more pleasant in the summer.
Crime is still very low or none existent except maybe in the very busy expat/holiday home areas such as the Universal area in Paphos. I personally have always felt very safe in Cyprus and Cypriots in the villages once they get to know you make you a friend for life. I would always say respect the fact that you are living in their country and embrace the way of life in Cyprus for what it is, do not try to change it to make it what you think it should be as some expats do, as it won't work.
I will email you direct as to why I unfortunately and very reluctantly had to move back to the UK, and can make some recommendations regarding lawyers and estate agents.

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Posted by ogdeni-692964 - 9 years ago

There are some really nice areas such as Tala, Coral Bay, Ste Georges etc which are closer to Paphos and have a lot more facilties which are lacking in Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley which are geared up for rich golfer who mainly use their villas for golfing holidays so there is not much of a permanent community.
It all depends on what you are looking for.

Hi again Kitty

Firstly - no we don't golf. We do like the nice things in life like good scenery, good restaurants and good shops which is what we miss here where we are located in France. [Moving to France has been a total disaster for us - the people are depressingly miserable and the winter/ cost of living is very little different to the UK.] We need to find somewhere with good all year round weather and which offers a good standard of living - Cyprus theoretically fits that bill so now its a matter of where. Golf does not appeal at all but the two resorts look good and are what we are looking for in terms of area quality. Im off now to find Tala and Coral bay on the internet!

Thanks a bunch !

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Posted by kitty123 - 9 years ago

Hi ogdeni,

Have you been to Cyprus before?
Yes secret valley and Aphrodite Hills are lovely, especially if you are keen golfers, and the views are great. However to find something really nice to rent there is expensive. Also you may want to be a little bit closer to Paphos.
There are some really nice areas such as Tala, Coral Bay, Ste Georges etc which are closer to Paphos and have a lot more facilties which are lacking in Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley which are geared up for rich golfer who mainly use their villas for golfing holidays so there is not much of a permanent community.
It all depends on what you are looking for.


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Posted by Tony Morcom - 9 years ago

Hi. My wife and I have lived in Cyprus for three years. We thoroughly enjoy our life here. Why not look at the Limassol area. There are some really nice villages just outside of town. Decent beaches within a few minutes drive and the town is not overun with tourists. There are also quite a few very good restaurants and a good selection of shops. As with everywhere, there are some not so attractive areas, but it is a city afterall. Secret valley is nice (expensive as well) but too much out of the way for many and is it really a typical Cypriot area? Hire a car, have a good look around but remember, virtually everywhere is deserted at this time of the year.

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Posted by ogdeni-692964 - 9 years ago

ogdeni, I agree that location has to be the most important consideration. Even if a house needs a little work doing to it that is easy to do but a bad area will always be a bad area.

Hi Kitty

thank you for your comments !

A kind forum reader has recommended Secret Valley and Aphrodite Hills so we are checking those out. The climate sounds lovely ( as I am sat in front of the fire) and more in line with what we are looking for. Here in France we have the right house but the wrong area so we are for sure going to rent for 12 months first in what we "think" may be the right area.

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Posted by ogdeni-692964 - 9 years ago

I would suggest Malta, Tenerife...maybe Portugal...I don't want to offend anybody but I'm telling you to rethink your option of moving from France to Cyprus...I don't see it in any way as going up any ladders..even climate-wise...

Hi Lawrence - clearly Cyprus is not for you and I would be very interested in knowing why - maybe you can email me direct rather than encourage lots of animosity on the forum? I have had a very helpful person recommending Secret Valley which looks very nice.

Having lived in Ibiza for 5 years we are happy that the climate in Cyprus is an improvement on France.