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Where to live?

Posted by ogdeni-692964 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kitty123 - 9 years ago

The poster says that the temp where they are today was -2C. Here in Paphos we had around 20c today in the afternoon. we had a lovely walk along the cliff tops at Coral Bay in wonderful sunshine.
Also how you can possibly mention a volcanic island such as tenerife and compare it favourably with Cyprus with its widely diverse landscapes beats me.

There are people who have fallen out of love with Cyprus and are bitter but they are usually people who could not afford to be here in the first place, have struggled to make ends meet and blame the island.

ogdeni, I agree that location has to be the most important consideration. Even if a house needs a little work doing to it that is easy to do but a bad area will always be a bad area.

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

Mmm...how many times have you been to Cyprus...because idyllic is not a word I would use to describe Cyprus..I would say think hard...because there are much better places (cheaper, friendlier, more fun..)

I would suggest Malta, Tenerife...maybe Portugal...I don't want to offend anybody but I'm telling you to rethink your option of moving from France to Cyprus...I don't see it in any way as going up any ladders..even climate-wise...