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Which part of Cyprus has the most prospects?

Posted by danno99 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by danno99 - 8 years ago

Hi Dave,Congratulations on a really well laid out, informative read. Have book marked it for easy future access.If I had 1 criticism, it would be the same one that I have for every paper I have ever read, why do editors etc, not realise that there are probably more good things going on in the world then bad, & they could at least make the paper 50% info on happy stuff, leaving the reader with more of a feel good factor. But thats just my opinion.Best wishesDan

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Posted by DaveLewis - 8 years ago


Been reading the train of replies with interest and reckon you are doing the right thing. Achilleas is also very wise. I've made it a priority to make Cypriot friends as they will help you integrate and avoid costly mistakes.

If you're looking for an online newspaper I like the Cyprus Mail but I'm also the editor of a fledgling online newspaper The Cyprus Post - you could be my first reader!! see www.thecypruspost.com let me know what you think!

Any help I can give, just ask

Dave (Paphos)

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Posted by danno99 - 8 years ago

Thanks for new advice guys.
for the record Wilkipidia defines expat as " Expats - An expatriate (in abbreviated form, expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing or legal residence. The word comes from the Latin term expatriātus from ' ("out of") and ' the ablative case of '''' ("country, fatherland").

But I guess many people I know tend to relate the word as meaning Ex Brits for some reason.
Personally speaking, & I do have fair experience of such clubs in nearby villages, I belive that if these people are contributing to the economy & are friendly to locals, then there is no reason they should be looked down upon. I suppose that if they can afford to live their fairytale existence without working (or perhaps they have worked all their lives & just want to relax & have fun in their golden years) we should wish them luck & live & let live.
Unfortunately, I need to work & I also enjoy different cultures, but I think it is re-assuring to be able to ask for help in my mother tongue & who better to ask then the "Ex-Pats" & hopefully I can also help newbies in the years to come.
Or maybe there is a more sinister expat community in Cyprus then in Italy, as there seems to be some undertones of resentment towards them in certain replies & I guess I will find that out if that exists!
I think that the mountains you suggest Graham, are certainly worth a look. I presume it may be a little cooler there & my english blood gets a bit uncomfortable when temps are over 30 degrees for more then a few days. I reckon the benefits of being up there, outweigh the fact that its a short drive to the coast.
I take on board the fact that its easier to work if you speak fluent Greek. But from what I know now, there is a huge gap between speaking a language & being fluent. Most of the Ex pats I know, that say they can speak Italian, probably have the ability of a 6 year old Italian. So, with that in mind, & the fact it would take many years to be fluent. Perhaps that is a reason that I and many others, may need to associate with expats! in order to help find work or communicate effectively, & hopefully in doing so, forge some good friends.
I had hoped that if I am good at my job & willing to work for the right money, then I would find work. But I must admit, many of the posts have me a little worried. Most of Europe is still suffering, so if Im gonna find it hard, I might as well do it in a lovely place like Cyprus & all I can do is continue researching & keeping those fingers crossed. Thanks again for your help.

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Posted by Graham S - 8 years ago

I'll try to type slower so that I don't get so many typos........

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Posted by Graham S - 8 years ago

I've read through this thread with interest - some very sound advice on offer. I think there may be a little confusion over our definitions of "ex-pats"; as I use and understand the term "expatriate", it simply means anyone who lives in a country other than their native land, so the great majority of us on this forum are expats. Then there are the UK ExPats whose Little Johnny England mentality makes you pretend to be Dutch or something so that you dn't get tarred with the same awful brush. You run across them mainly - but not exclusively - on the coast and, like Stellaluna, I don't care to associate with them. On the other hand, scattered across the island in the small inland villages tthere are small numbers of Brits (& others) living quietly and happily alongside their Cypriot neighbours and geerally accepted as part of the community. Have you considered, for instance, the mountain villages above Limassol? It takes us maybe half an hour to drive down into town, we have the benefit of fresher mountain air and there are like-minded Britons within a few miles in all directions who don't want to live in your pocket but are always there if you need a hand or fancy meeting for a drink or a meal. Actually in our village there are 3 British households - a total of 5 people from a village population of about 250.

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Posted by Currylover - 8 years ago

Getting work here is not easy if you are not fluent in Greek unless you are willing to do bar/evening work. Wages are poor and unfortunately, hair stylists are plenty. We live in Famagusta and in truth, we have a lot of Turkish crossing over from the North to work in the South vincinity on building sites etc. because they will work for very low wages.

My advice to anyone wishing to relocate here is simple....research plenty. The more info. you can get the better. Never buy a property first, always rent and know your area first and lastly, if you have no pension or steady income so must rely on work to survive, move nearer to the larger towns of either Limassol, Larnaca or lastly, Nicosia. You will have better prospects in finding work. You will soon find your way round and know where to shop for bargains, cheap food etc. Me, I would never return to the UK but there again, I have a steady income and o/h has permanent work so we live a far better lifestyle than we did in the UK.

Good luck.

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Posted by hopeless-699844 - 8 years ago

The North

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Posted by danno99 - 8 years ago

Hi Tonypp
A great point that you have raised. I thought that being in the EU would mean that upto date qualifications in the UK, would be valid in Cyprus. But I think this site has a list of numbers/addresses somewhere, so I ought to pose the query to the right department & find out for sure.
If any one has any experience regarding acceptance or non acceptance of UK qualifications in Cyprus I would be grateful to hear from them.
Thanks again Tonypp & others

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

Hello, where you live and who you mix with is something for you to make your own mind up about. But have you checked that you can work as a sparky with your UK papers. The Cyprus Electricity Authority will not sign off rewires if they do not recognise your certs etc. Tony

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Posted by danno99 - 8 years ago

Hi stellaluna,
I guess being the only Brit in my village for 4 years has meant that I know what it is like to occasionally miss a little ex pat communication. But I think its like any club that you join, i.e just because you have something in common, you are unlikely to click with many of the members.
I enjoy the culture & ideas that other nationalities can give me & therefore would not like to limit myself to expats, so I guess its the old cliche "variety is the spice of life"
I reckon the tourist zone is great fun to pop in & out of for fun when you feel like it, but I agree that living the other side of the line, makes more sense for someone like me wanting to live on the island full time
Anyway, Thanks again for your feedback re - trying to find work.
All the best