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Which radio station do you listen to?

Posted by Dave Didds - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by lianehghs - 9 years ago

Rock FM all day every day !!

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Posted by pdobbo - 9 years ago

Typo should read "cant stand" not "stand stand"

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Posted by pdobbo - 9 years ago

In Limassol I listen to BFBS 2, if they are broadcasting sport, I switch to Coast FM.
When I am in Latchi, I find that I have to switch off the local radio station Rock FM, because the music is "doing my head in", or I can't stand the inane drivel from the presenters - or my husband has asked "are you listening to that rubbish!". It is the only time in Cyprus that I have to switch the radio off because I stand stand the content.
As some-one who has a business, and has advertised on radio, I would be worried about the value of advertising on Rock FM.
I have advertised on Coast FM, and was very pleased with the delivered product, however, hand on heart, no customer has ever said to me "I am here because I heard your advert on Coast FM".
At the moment, I am getting better customer reaction and feedback, by advertising on Facebook, targetting members in Cyprus.

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Posted by Toni-680775 - 9 years ago

I have been unable to find any radio station that broadcasts in English to the mountain region, and there are plenty of expats up here

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Posted by cheeky73 - 9 years ago


I always listen to Mixfm radio. Excellent music, all english and always has me dancing like a loon everywhere! 102.2fm

I believe its only on air in Nicosia and Larnaca though.


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Posted by maggiemou - 9 years ago

91.4 Coast Fm A very good station and if you are looking for advertising I notice they have had special offers advertised in The Cyprus Sunday Mail. They have a phone number 25350914. Lots of ex pats listen to this station as it is run by an ex BBC Radio One DJ. They play good music and not too much Blah blah!

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Posted by soulla15 - 9 years ago

Radio Napa (106.3) is great - they play lots of excellent music and don't do too much talking, but they do adverts. I should imagine it's worth advertising there for the Ayai Napa, Paralimni, Larnaca areas.

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Posted by Dave Didds - 9 years ago

Thanks everyone. I'm looking for information about the whole of Cyprus so please let me know about the best ones in any area.

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Posted by hmckpaphos - 9 years ago

Hello what area are you in.

Rock FM in Paphos are good as are Energy 107.6

Thanks Heather.

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Posted by Limassol T - 9 years ago

For Limassiol:- Bfbs where the signal is strong enough, Coast fm is ok (I believe they are very cheap for advertising) but Choice FM 104.3 has the best music- all in English, with the speech in Greek, and ads mixed.