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why are people not coming to cyprus

Posted by normanmay - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ronnys - 6 years ago



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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 7 years ago

It's not wise to talk about 'Cyprus' as if it were the same everywhere in the country. Think of London or New York - there are safe areas and dodgy areas.

You may choose to live in a village where you will only encounter Cypriots. Not petty thieves.

Or you may choose to live in a tourist area or a ghettos of wealthy or comfortable-off expats - dodgy immigrants - often illegal - will of course target them.

Best to live in the real Cyprus, in or near a village that is near a city.

We are free here from Big Brother - cameras everywhere in the UK - taxed to the hilt there - TV tax, parking tax, whatever. Still quite a bit of freedom here if you coose wisely.

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Posted by janine2010 - 7 years ago

Millioanare's paradise in a 3 star country. There are many apartments, yes apartments for sale at 1 million plus. Who would pay 1 million for an apartment when there are so many other bargains with land. Will Cyprus get better, well not with tourism as most of the hotels etc have been converted to aparments that are very undersold. Cyprus will probably go the same way as Greeece, maybe there will be a savour in another way. Hope so Cyprus has a lot to loose. :(

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Posted by Michael-660958 - 7 years ago

I have a question.. however it is now - does anyone think it will get any better in terms of safety, costs and tourism. I remember a while ago it was being said that the Cypriots and Government wanted the place to be more upmarket and more expensive to draw rich tourists? Well the Russians have come but I am not sure they will save the island from itself? Opinions please.. will it become a home for millionaires only and when?? - if so it would be a very good investment!

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Posted by isamar - 7 years ago

Totally agree with bill&eva

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Posted by bill&eva - 7 years ago

In answer to the previous poster - yes Cyprus is quite safe BUT it's not as safe as it used to be .

There's always been a criminal element in Cyprus but it's more apparent now than before .

Apart from the risk of petty thieves a tourist has little to fear holidaying in Cyprus -- parts of Spain and Italy are far more dangerous.

Break ins and theft from houses ( often whilst the owners are asleep) is sadly on the increase which affects people living here but doesn't affect tourism .

I still say that people are not coming/returning because it's just to expensive and there are better and cheaper places to sit in the sun .

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Posted by johnz333 - 7 years ago

You are right its still save but the situation recently it puts question marks among tourists as they don`t know what happens here only what they see in the news and from people going back from here... if police doesn't act now i will be worst and you could agree with the fact that its not that safe like 6-8-10 years ago.

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Posted by isamar - 7 years ago

hi john rather sarcastic but untrue. Cyprus may have changed the last years due to the crisis but it remains more safe than Greece and UK. You have to agree on that. I prefer the standard of living here where I feel safe, kids play out in the streets with no fear, live our doors open without the fear of someone breaking in the house as neighbors care for each other. People see you in the street and help you out if something happens without even know you. Believe me I do read the papers in Greek and English and see what's happening here. Just think that there are robberies for 2000 euros at the banks or shops? That's a joke don't you think? In bigger countries it would have been 200000 with people dead.

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Posted by johnz333 - 7 years ago

Isamar i live here for the last 8 years.. and i think you don't watch the news or read the papers... my comment was sarcastic and little bit much its not exactly like that but it changed so badly these days... sorry if you did not get the idea. If you did not notice this change what`s going on in Cyprus you must be blind. I still live here because i already accommodate myself and wish that police will do they job much better.

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Posted by No longer Online - 7 years ago

Well said Isamar...I agree with you 100%