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Writers / screen writers

Posted by Antonis - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Antonis - 9 years ago

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all received my emails, thank you all for your interest.

I have multiple stories ready and I am searching for a co-writer for each.

To clarify, I have story outlines but I need someone to co-write with me. I must say I find it hard to focus on writing a story, as a I become overwhelmed with ideas as I am writing. So I need someone who can turn my ideas and blocks of writing into a working story, that would flow & progress the way a novel should.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

Hello Skevi. I'd be able to help with a novel. I have published a novel, two textbooks (for GCE English and two children's stories. My degree is in English Literature. I have taught for many years and most recently worked for six years as an editor.



(I'm in Limassol).

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Posted by mkeller - 9 years ago

Hi, Skevi! I'm just finishing up working with an author on her book. I'd be happy to talk with you about your projects. I live in Nicosia, but she lives in California! For the past year, we've coordinated the project via email and skype calls (which are free). I'd be happy to send you my CV, and I'm sure she'd be happy to provide a reference. My background is a degree in English and a degree in Theatre. ")

Kind regards,

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Posted by Antonis - 9 years ago

Hello and thank you for everyone who sent me an email.

Yes I am looking for English writers

I have drafts of various projects. Right now I am considering a mythological story, revised and possibly creating both a screenplay & fictional novel.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Are you looking for Greek or English? (presume English since you've posted in English on this forum).

There are plenty of professional, published, writers on the island. Rather less screenwriters although several who have written for TV.