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anyone got or know about spider bites

Posted by stellaluna-664983 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by dekisha - 7 years ago

yeah i think too that on cyprus are only black widows..

read something about symptoms of bite.. spider bites page

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Posted by SAW-700756 - 8 years ago

Sounds like a widow bite, particularly the brown recluse spider AKA the brown widow. They can give a nasty bite and make you feel rather ill for a couple of weeks, bit like flu symptoms with rheumatic pain. The brown recluse has been identified in cyprus for over four years now, firstly in Agia Napa though are now being found all over the place! They are rather small spiders but have a distinct orange/yellow hour glass on their abdomens. This can usually be seen because they hang upside down in their web which is very messy not uniformed like a house spider. Problem is they live in places like small pots, crevices and under garden furniture etc. I have seen one and it is the type of spider that would not alarm you, quite small and unsuspecting, they rarely bite but will be particularly defensive if they have egg sacs. The egg sacs are not usual round sacs they look like little sea mines with spikes coming off them, if you detect any destroy as they are very poisonous.

Realise this is a late reply, though hope your husband is now okay, there are reports that it can sometimes effect the nervous system years on.


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Posted by Clem-689387 - 8 years ago

Heomepathy: Apis Melifica. If you still have some symptoms now (doubt it) then you can use it, but it's obviously best used straight away after a bite (or a sting), the sooner the better.
Antibiotics?! They kill good bacteria in your intestine, which takes month to rebuild, if not years depending on your diet. These bacteria play an important role in our health, hence why they are there. Plus, what the spider injects is venom, not bacteria. Antibiotics are therefore useless in this case, just a good placebo perhaps. As we know, they are used far far too commonly.
The antihistamine will help the symptoms as they dampen inflammation. But the body purposely inflames the area to promote healing and fight the "invader". So going against what the body is trying to do does not make much sense to me. But if there are no other options and the pain is so bad you can't sleep then you might as well pop a pill I guess.
Spiders can be scary to some people, but don't forget they do play a part in the world, such as eating mosquitos. I'd personally wear a mosquito net over the bed if concern.
Good luck,Clem

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

My goodness. Didn't know about jumpiong spiders. It's good to share all our info.

Thanks everyone.

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Posted by Roy and Liz Moore - 8 years ago

Hi. See you have had a lot of advice. Also watch for the tiny jumping spiders. About size of a pinhead but jump a few feet. These bite too and leave a sort of vampire bite. Two little what look like splinter heads close together and they feel like splinters too. Often found on cats and dogs burrowed in the fur. My little spaniel/pekinese cross had one on her face near her mouth and it bit her and caused a swelling size of a golf ball. Vet had to give her 3 injections in one go, so watch out. Best advice I can give you is do not touch anything here that flies or crawls. Good Luck. Regards. Roy.

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 8 years ago


I had one of these last year - didnt know what it was that caused it but the doctor said it was a spider bite.

My leg went black and it was extremely painful. Go to the docs immediately- you need mega doses of antibiotics and stuff for the bite, as i left it a lot longer than i should and my bite became necrotic - still have the scar today!

Good luck!


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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Thanks everyone for your help.

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Posted by jacoby - 8 years ago

I've had similar bites also from a spider I presume, I've found that an anti-histamine works for me the same you would take for allergies as it is an allergic reaction causing the swelling and redness. I am not a doctor but this is what works for me. I agree you must see a doctor beforehand to asses your health before taking anything. For your doggy get it to the vet and have it checked out.As for your house do regular sweeps of the corner of the bed and crevices in your rooms along with a shaking out of all bedding usually goes the job. good luck

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Posted by Chihuahua Lady - 8 years ago

Please be very careful with your Chihuahua's and bites as when i was in Dubai one of my Chihuahua's was bitten by one of the giant Ants. It brought on a Heart attack and sadly i lost him.So any bits i take mine straight to the Vets.

We found a a big tarantula spinder drowned in our pool . Any spider bits you need to go to the doctor as it might get infected.

Take care

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Posted by furio - 8 years ago

have a look around see if u can see the spiders aparently these widdiw varietys can be brown / or black and have some kind of red hourglass shape on their bellys, i was bitten before and got very sick , but my bite area went black, /!