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Blocked ears

Posted by philwen - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by janlin - 9 years ago

Hi Philwen,

Hopi Ear Candling will give you some relief - it is none invasive and cannot damage your ears. Make sure the person carrying out the treatment is a qualified TATh practitioner and has a certificate. Get a doctor to check out your ears prior to treatment with a scope just to be on the safe side.

TATh - Thermo Auricular Therapy is a recognised therapy also used by some NHS hospitals in ENT departments in the UK.Contact me for more info.

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Posted by phelps - 9 years ago

Your inner ear/ diaphram is extremely delicate. I strongly recommend you do not practice DIY syringing or cotton buds, damage caused can be very serious. See an ENT doctor asap your current doctor should be able to advise you of one local to you.

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Posted by carole_benson - 9 years ago

I recommend Hopi Ear Candles they are a very effective way of clearing the outer ear canal also helps Sinus problems,
They are very soothing and calming usually the treatment also involves a massage to the head and neck area which helps to drain away any inflammation which has gather around the nodes for further information contact me
Regards Carole

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Posted by wilbmah - 9 years ago

You can get a special syringe for washing out your ears with a special solution. I'm sure your pharmacist has something. I've never done such a thing myself so I don't have any real information, but I have heard of it.