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Gait Analysis Running Problems

Posted by Estelle-674491 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Clem-689387 - 8 years ago

Hey there Estelle,
I agree with Abulukas, I would too recommend that you get your biomechanics checked. I'm an osteopath and shin splints can be a very easy thing to treat and resolve. It depends vastly on one question for me: is it both sides or one sided?
The hypercontraction of your tibialis anterior has a reason. The job of the osteopath is to find out that/these reason(s) and sort it out for good, in doing so preventing further (different) issues.
Anyways, feel free ask me questions if you want to know more.You can find info on osteopathy on my website paphosteo.com but also all over the net.I can give you contacts of other osteopaths and chiropractors colleagues depending on where you are... Just let me know.
I have one thought about your shin splints though. I was recently treating a keen runner patient experiencing knee pain. He introduced me to the concept of bear foot running, explaining that running shoes forces heal strike which results in a lot of shock, whereas when running bear foot, there is no heal strike as the whole foot contacts the floor at once. That makes the whole difference for some people.
It would be interesting to see if your symptoms get affected by running bear foot. Let me know if you try! :-)

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Posted by Estelle-674491 - 8 years ago

Thanks Ute,

Short and Tense! ha ha sounds about right lol. Seriously though very good advice thank you for that. I will make enquiries but I still don't know if Cyprus has a very good sports shop that the advisors there can point me in the right direction regarding footwear. Do you or anyone out there know of anywhere they can recommend?

Thanks again for your reply it really was very much appreciated.


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Posted by abulukas - 8 years ago

Good Morning, Estelle! Before you check out on different shoes, you might be better off to see a Physio first to check the angle/ axis of your legs and the way you run. The problems are often related to the pelvis - it is a muscular problem meaning that some muscles in the muscle chain are rather short and others are weak. Definately your problems are caused by a short and tense M. tibialis anterior :-) and probably also issues with your calf muscle.

Hope this info helped- regards,