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How to stop Smoking in Cyprus

Posted by angieandpaul - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Mand333 - 7 years ago

I agree about the Allen Carr book, it was amazing!! I have since passed the book onto many of my friends and family, all who have gone on to quit, please get the book! No cravings and you'll become a happy non-smoker, no doubt about it :)

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Posted by clement.rhein@mac.com - 7 years ago

I also recommend to Lorna Firth, Anarita, Paphos. I refer all my patients to her.Clem

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Posted by MaureenH-719321 - 7 years ago

My husband gave up using Allen Carr's book 'Easy way to stop smoking'. Four years since he last lit up and he has never had a craving. I believe there is also a clinic in Cyprus by the same name.

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Posted by mindvoyager - 8 years ago

There is a lady called Jane Robinson outside Limassol who specialises in helping people stop smoking; I have spoken to several people who have been delighted. She's on http://www.janerobinson.net

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Posted by pedros-696795 - 8 years ago

if your larnaca, on the corner of the junction of the acropolis there is a sign on the building saying, " anti smoking centre ", maybe worth a look

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Posted by jackiemou@live.com - 8 years ago

yes this woman apparantly works wonders i know 4 people who went to her to quit, i think shes very expensive thu

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Posted by Miguel-661697 - 8 years ago

Go to a hypnotherapist.

I can certainly recommend Lorna Firth. After smoking for 40years I went to Lorna a number of years ago and haven't smoked a single cigarettesince, nor have I had any desire for 'maybe just one quick smoke'. Naturally itwas very much the 'will to stop' - but I thought I'd had that for years andquit briefly several times.




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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

Get an empty jam jar and half fill it with water. Put your used cigarettes in there for a week.
Then, whenever you fancy a cigarette, open the jar and smell it - that'll put you off smoking!

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Posted by naomimarylinda - 8 years ago

just speak to someone who is dying from lung cancer caused from smoking, that did it for me!!!!!!