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Hypnotherapist for smoker

Posted by mayfly-680571 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Gazmir Qemalaj - 7 years ago

There is a Harley Street trained Hypnotherapist called Mrs. Helen Pourouna, she is fantastic when it comes to helping people stop smoking, 96715765

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Posted by Taylor_Jones70 - 9 years ago

Yes, I have tried hypnosis and hypnotherapy to stop smoking. When I have suffered a lot because of smoking my friend advised me to try [url=http://thoughtsbecomereality.co.uk/stress.html]Hypnosis[/url] which helped me a lot to quit smoking. I got a good improvement in my self confidence and self control.

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Posted by jojojo-693122 - 9 years ago

Hi there Grace

Yes she is really good can't recommend her enough I no she has now moved and is in Episkopi. I was a smoker and comfort eater. She also helped my friend that suffered from depression.


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Posted by Grace48 - 9 years ago

Hi Jojojo

I saw this lady too she's really great isn't she? It must have been three years ago when a went to see her, she was based in a village on the way to Polis, can't remember what it was called. I wanted to stop smoking but I had just ungone a loss in my life. She helded me work through my loss and then she stopped me from smoking. Since then I have recommended her to lots of my friends whom she has also helped.


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Posted by jojojo-693122 - 9 years ago

hi.... I can recommed Jane for stopping smoking, having been to her when she was in Erimi in 2007, she helped me stop smoking 100% for 2 years and i have also had one off sessions for my eating problems...love food and get the munches, which again where very successful...no problem to big or small for her, she is very good. Jane number is 99282498 and she also has a web site too.

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Posted by Holty64 - 9 years ago


I know Simon Warner. He is good for all sorts of things. Stop smoking, Weight loss, if fact anything you need some help with. Give him a call and he'll sort you out.

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Posted by mayfly-680571 - 9 years ago

Hello Everybody, and thanks for your help and suggestions. I actually found a lady in Limassol, who has now helped me, and although it's early days, I haven't had a ciggy since I saw her......SO, it can work!!!! Anyway, if anybody wants further details from me, please contact me through the forum, and thanks again for your help......

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Posted by Miguel-661697 - 9 years ago


I can certainly recommend Lorna Firth. After smoking for 40 years I went to Lorna several years ago and haven't smoked a single cigarette since, nor have I had any desire for 'maybe just one quick smoke'. Naturally it was very much the 'will to stop' - but I thought I'd had that for years and quit briefly several times. A journey from Larnaca to Paphos will be very, very much worth it........


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Posted by saminpaphos - 9 years ago

I know of an excellent hypnotherapist in Paphos, he stopped me smoking in one session, and ive never even felt the temptation to smoke since!!! great guy, hes actually featured in Bella magazine this week so im told from my friends in england, i have his number hes called Simon warner 96501447

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Posted by Clem-689387 - 9 years ago

With Lorna, I know you're in good hands, Good luck!