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Preganant-What now?

Posted by blazon - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by evangelismos - 9 years ago

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Pink medical card is Medical Card A, and it is issued when you have low incomes.

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Posted by razvan1402 - 9 years ago

what is a pink medical card?

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Posted by tigerlily-688478 - 9 years ago

First of all, congratulations!
I had my 2 boys in a private clinic in Ayia Napa, mainly for the reason at that time, Paralimni hospital did not have a materity unit.
I have had relations that have given birth in Larnaca hospital and found it superb! Baby rooms in next to you, 2 beds to a room, nurses are great and fantastic, and of course, if you have a hospital card, then you're being paying peanuts.
My sister in law went to a doctor in Larnaca, his name I believe is Christoforou, fantastic guy, speaks English. I saw him many years ago for a problem I had and he was superb!
You could check out the places and see what you think is best for you, Christoforou's place is from the Limani roundabout, go ahead straight across as though you are heading to police station, then turn right after car dealer, there's a bakery on the corner if I'm not mistaken.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Posted by evangelismos - 9 years ago

If you have pink medical card, you''ll pay only for registration - 2 euros.

I had two natural bitrhs. I didn't use any pain relief. I don't think that they use it. I have been told to use breathing technique. When doctor see that you can't cope with pain or labour takes too long, they can decide to do cesarean. In Paphos lot of women had cesarean. During the labour usually you have single room, then you go to delivery room, and after delivery you go to room where you will stay 4 days after natural birth and 5-6 days after cesarean. If you and your baby feel good, they can release you after 3 days.

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Posted by kayfash - 9 years ago

how much does it cost for delivery in pafos general hospital?

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Posted by blazon - 9 years ago

Thanks for your reply. Did you have a natural birth and if so how was the pain relief and care during the birth? Did you need to spend many days in the hospital after the birth?

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Posted by evangelismos - 9 years ago


My daughter was born 2 years ago in Larnaka General Hospital. I went there because I didn't want to spend lot of money for delivery and bed in clinic. And I am very glad that I did it. The hospital is quiet new, staff is kind. I spend there 4 days after delivery. I was in room, where were only two beds, shower, and large closet. I recommend this place. Really!

My son was born 5 months ago in Paphos General Hospital. I had single room with bathroom only for me (I was really lucky!). This hospital is older than Larnaka's but also I was very glad that I did delivery there, and also staff was very kind.

I go for vaccinations with my children to General Hospital. I have them for free! Don't spend money for something what you can get for free.