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Sandflies and ticks

Posted by cyberlotti - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by cyberlotti - 9 years ago

Thanks everyone for replying to me and for the information provided! I really appreciate it.

I look forward to exploring your beautiful country :)

Best wishes and kind regards,


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Posted by Aase - 9 years ago

We have lots of sandflies in our village outside Limassol but don't think they will be out next month, certainly not if it continues to be as freezing as now!!! I seem to remember being bitten from about May last year so you should be fine!

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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

Sand flies are found throughout the Mediterranean. The name is misleading as they can be found almost anywhere. We live 30km inland, at 750 metres above sea level, and come across sandflies during the summer. A sandfly bite often draws blood, unlike a mosquito's. If bitten apply pressure to make the puncture bleed, this helps if you are sensitive or react badly to insect bites.

Use an insect repellent spray and avoid walking through long grass or vegetation.

Most people are not too badly affected by insect bites, but any pharmacist will help with anti inflammatory treatment.

Cyprus is, in my opinion, no worse than any other country. (Ever been to the Scottish Highlands and been midge food?)

Enjoy your stay in Cyprus, and don't worry.

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Posted by lynn4213-665012 - 9 years ago


I can only speak from my own experience. We have lived 14 km from Larnaca for the last 2 years and I have never had any dealings with sand flies. The only problem we had with ticks was when we walked our dogs in areas which had been used for grazing sheep or goats. The dogs came home with ticks on them. I have never heard of anyone locally being affected by ticks or sand flies.

Hope this helps