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Bio-Fuel availability.

Posted by Kancol - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by tanzylee - 8 years ago

Hi yep I do - but only for the car! but he may be able to supply you with the correct fuel far cheaper than UK

I was with a mate of mine today and we topped his L200 D up with Bio Fuel at 85 cent a Ltr - Go to the old town end of limassol over the roundabout past the construction area for the new marina and straight past the wine place, it is just on the left hand corner on the left hand side (sorry just got here and don' t know any names!) its a guy in a shack - The guy I was with has been using him for a few years and had no problems.

Please note that im not sure if this would work in a petrol engine or if he has different fuel for them.

Hope this helps

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Posted by Kancol - 8 years ago

I am looking to use it in a fireplace, not in a car, If it is cost effective, at €2.00 per litre, its a non - starter, may consider at €1.05.

So much for helping save the planet.

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Posted by Cysolpete - 8 years ago

The company is Prima. They are on the Frenaros industrial estate.

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Posted by steveh-698168 - 8 years ago


I am also interested in using Bio Ethanol, we have just installed a 'living flame' fireplace bought from UK but the company would not export the fuel. As I only require a minimal amount of fuel, please can you reply with details of the company you used in Famagusta

Regards Steve

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Posted by Cysolpete - 8 years ago

You Want to use Bio ethanol fuel to power your car! OK,

We use bio ethanol fuel for heating purposes, burnt in a wall mounted fireplace. It gives a living flame without the need for a flue and kicks out a fair amount of heat.

I know of nowhere that sells Bio ethanol fuel in the kind of qtys that you would need. Sorry.


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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

I do not understand the logic of importing fuel at £195 for 96 litres when it is only €1.05 per litre at the pumps. What is the rationale behind paying double the price just to use bio-fuel? It does not, on the surface, make any sense at all. If Farmagusta was 'expensive' I shudder to think what THEY were charging per litre!! I am confused - can you possibly elaborate and tell us all what we are missing out on by NOT using bio-fuel - or put another way wjhat are the plusses??

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Posted by Cysolpete - 8 years ago

Hi, There is a supplier in Famagusta that I used last year but it's expensive. I am getting mine from the uk this year.

96 litres for 195.00 pounds sterling. It will be coming into limasol. I would be happy to increase my order with them if you would like some and maybe we can share the transport cost. Pete