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Biofilm in Water Pipes

Posted by Angel75 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

A pressurised system will not make much difference.

Algae can not grow in pipes. They need light.

Clean the tank and flush the pipes through. That should end the problem. (Pipes should be flushed with high presure.)

Remove and clean the filters on your taps every week. Algae can grow here. Soak in 50/50 bleach solution for half an hour.

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Posted by Angel75 - 9 years ago

This is a one year old property. I got a plumber 6 months ago to come and clean out the ater tank but we still had the algae bit coming through our pipes. We've recently had the water tank company come and change the water tank and they have said that their people must have left the opening slightly open hence why this has happened.

My query though, is whether this green algae will be eventually flushed out through the pipes or will i have to worry about it growing in the water pipes? Some has mentioned about putting in a water pressure system as this will definitely flush it out. Any ideas?

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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

Green slime..(algae) in water pipes. Is the tank on the roof in good condition?

Does the tank sit idle for most of the year? (Holiday property)

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for algae. I assume your drinking water is ok? Check the roof tank. If it is in good condition but has algae growing you need to disinfect it with a sanitiser. Generally algae will not grow in the dark...such as the inside of a water tank. Drain it...clean it by adding water purification tablets, flush it through. Heat the hot water to 70C and run that through as well. You could sterilise with bromine or chlorine, but these are strong chemicals. You should never have algae growing in your water pipes. Your water tank may be out of sight...but should not be out of mind. I once took a dead pigeon out of one......Not good.