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Broadband Access in Small Villages

Posted by Netto - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago


I can recommend Megasat for their Tooway satellite internet. It is very quick (quicker than Cyta) and much cheaper per month. I had it installed 3 months ago and have only had one problem with it when there was a sand storm. But megasat were very good in sorting the problem out, and their aftersales service is very good ( a first for Cyprus!)

Hope this helps


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Posted by megasat - 9 years ago

Take a look at http://www.megasat.com.cy


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Posted by Netto - 9 years ago

Thanks for the responses, I spoke to Hella Sat yesterday but the person I spoke to didn't give me much confidence with the reliability of the service. She said that the service could get quite slow and that they don't guarantee the speed. She also said that the service was not as good as DSL. I also emailed Glo Tech and they were very helpful but are closing their business at the end of the year. They did recommend Megasat who I have not heard of and are still waiting on a response. In the meantime I am also waiting for an estimate of the cost from Cytanet. So watch this space.....

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Posted by Niknak-689648 - 9 years ago

We have satellite broadband through GloTech which works fine, quicker and is more reliable than CYTA was (just) but.... it is very expensive.
You pay for a specific amount of memory per month depending on your usage.  If you go over this the service slows down to an unusable level.

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Hellas Sat uses quite new technology for its internet via satellite service and I have heard that it works very well.
Ask them to recommend people who have it installed in Cyprus so that you can contact them.
Note that in extreme weather conditions, ie lots of rain, the service quality may degrade somewhat until the storm passes, but this is true of all satellite communications.

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Posted by lutondave - 9 years ago

hi im very intrested in your post as moving to skoulli in the new year and i also will be needing internet conection as trying to sort out this end at the moment but would be intrested if you could let me know how you get on cheers dave