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Can I access my router from abroad?

Posted by Newday-696668 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Newday-696668 - 9 years ago

Thanks guys for your help. I'll have to follow up on this when I get back home.

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Posted by Marynis - 9 years ago

maybe somebody knows how to flash dd-wrt on linksys router?

marynis@gmail.com i will pay if somebody will do it.

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Posted by athosonline - 9 years ago

Make one of your home computers ( preferably a desktop you have always on) the DMZ on your router or if you don't want to have a DMZ, set it up so that the proper ports are forwarded to this computer. Then enable remote login on that computer. If it's a windows machine you can use remote desktop and there's a lot of directions on how to do that on line. You will then be able to access this computer remotely and your router through it. This way you are actually accessing your router from within your network but "looking" at your screen from outside.
Some routers actually allow you to remotely log into them outside your lan. However, this option is usually disabled, if it is not then it requires a specific port ( usually 8080 so try your ip:8080 to access).
I don't use Cyta any more so I'm not familiar with your specific router. However, I do remember that Cyta didn't use static IP for their home connections ( it changes whenever you reset the modem or there is a power interrupt etc, I may be wrong! ) If that's the case I would also highly recommend you set up an account with no-ip. Look it up, it will enable you to have basically the same functionality as a static ip for free. You install a small program that logs you into a server. Every few minutes it checks what your ip is and reports it back to the server. The same company issues a url for you ie. myname.no-ip.com. And has it forward to your home ip. so when your ip changes, your url will automatically get forwarded. Haven't used this since I stopped using cyta but I'm sure you can get it for free with the basic version.

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 9 years ago

If you are using Windows XP this may help http://www.onecomputerguy.com/networking/xp_vpn_server.htm otherwise search for VPN with whatever operating system you are using.

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Posted by Newday-696668 - 9 years ago

I usually access my router through my laptop, but am abroad with it. I know the internet address of the router, but it doesn't connect. It says 'Connection Interrupted. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.' Trying again has the same result. My home network has several computers.