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Cyta over charging

Posted by Antonis - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Mystic - 9 years ago

I'm not sure about Cyta, however Primetel are now disconnecting services if even one bill is paid late. I was late with mine recently, and they disconnected all services very rapidly.

You should go to Cyta to check this bill because there have been instances in the past in the building next door to ours where people away on holiday have returned to massive phone bills, and when checked with Cyta, found that their lines had been accessed and calls made to various countries. There are some instances where people can easily gain access to your line, and run up phone bills. Its usually people living nearby who watch and see when you are away.

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

Enquiring at a CYTA office seems like sensible advice to me. Obviously something has gone horribly wrong; we've occasionally been a little late with a payment but never been cut off as a result. Once, some years ago before online payment became available, we were away from the island for a couple of months and came back to find the phone cut off; a trip to the nearest CYTA office, paid the outstanding bill, and by the time we got home the phone was back on with no extra charges. I have to say that €270 seems very steep to me - unless it's for several months - and €870 is just astronomical! You'd have to be on the phone to the other side of the world 24 hours a day to run up that kind of bill, I would have thought.....


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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Why don't you go and ask them?

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Posted by djkorena - 9 years ago

They will not cut you off for missing one bill ,check out the dates .

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Posted by Antonis - 9 years ago

The point is the is no service to charge. They just cant add numbers off the top of their heads.

Primetel anyone?

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

Maybe they want either a larger deposit or it's some form of reconnection fee. After all - if you did not pay it as you agreed to they can charge all sorts for 'breach of contract' - especially since it is possible to pay one's CYTA bill online from anywhere in the world nowadays - or pay some by standing order even.