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Dehumidifier Help.

Posted by Hinxy - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by desagun - 9 years ago

Forgot to say that if you put a fan into the room at the same time as running the dehumiifier it will dry much quicker. KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED. De.

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Posted by desagun - 9 years ago

Back in the UK we had a Matsui from Currys and used it to dry the washing overnight with all the washing hanging on the clothes horse and off the cupboard doors. And in the morning everything was bone dry, far better that a tumble drier. Anyway your dampness put it into the room that is damp and leave it running until it doesn't collect any more water, run it constantly with the door closed as well as the window, it might take a few days depending on the dampness in the room. Some are more efficient than others, we had the Matsui as it did best in the Which report, . De

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Posted by Hinxy - 9 years ago

Many thanks for your informative advise, i have found it most useful.

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Posted by paolodacipro-667925 - 9 years ago

Hi kevin I bought the same one and very happy with it.

Just place it in the most humid place of the house, it can run 24h a day and take up to 10 Liters per day. You can also connect it at a drainage point (see behind has a hose attachemnt) for continuos work. Dont worry about consumption is only 250 watts, having it working 12 hours per day will cost you not more than 12 Euro a month. Nothing compare to the 1000 watts of an Air condition unit. I have it for at least 1 week now and moisture has dramatically been reduced in every room.

Very very good purchase!


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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Kevin,

There's no definitive answer to this as all homes are different.

First off what sort of heating do you have? If it's portable gas or parafin heaters you'll get more moisture in the air so will need to run your unit for longer. In our old house, when we were renting, we found the best way was to run the dehumidifier lagging slightly behind the heating. So for example if your heating is switched on at say 6:00 time the dehumidifier to come on at 6:30. Then time it to switch of 30 minutes after the heating. Our new house dosen't seem to suffer anywhere near the same problem with condensation hence no simple answer.

It's trail and error to begin with regards the position too, unless you have a room that gets more condensation than another then hit that one first. Also avoid drying clothes on radiators, yes its convenient but you're simply adding (moisture) to the problem.

Hope this helps.