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Do English TV's work here in Cyprus

Posted by DiamondJade - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by DiamondJade - 9 years ago

Thank you all so much thats helped me alot and i understand more about it now.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Jade,

Even though the TV transmissions in Cyprus use the PAL standard. It isn't, as Simonskyman pointed out, standard!

The picture is transmitted exactly the same as in the UK, but the sound is processed in a different way.

Check your TV manual, or its on screen menu, and see if you can select Cyprus as an option.

If not then its possibly a chip changing option this can be fitted by a competant TV engineer. Expect to pay around €20 to €30.

If you don't want your TV tinkered with. Pick up a cheap video recorder, bought on the island, and use the recorders scart output to feed the scart input of your TV. This will work to give you Cypriot TV channels and to change channels you use the video not the TV.

Hope this helps


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Posted by Samantha Bayes-675558 - 9 years ago

Don't know much about the technical side but can tell you what I did. Brought over a brand new 42 inch Samsung TV Put it on wall works no problem get BBC1/BBC2 itv and Channel 4 and 5 don't have local TV as don't need it.

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Posted by sandra46-681487 - 9 years ago

we bought a new T.V. in U.K about 2 months before we came out. we didn't know about this sound problem. we set up T.V. over here. no sound. i e-mailed manufacturer to advise us, they said only worked in U.K.

however, we perservered; there was a part on T.V. on set up that said "country" so we altered that, and got the sound on set up! so it shows even manufacturers don't always know. i think Simon is right, just ask if it serves other countries as well, before you buy.

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Posted by simonskyman - 9 years ago

The only difference between UK and Cyprus is the sound system. In UK they use PAL I and in Cyprus they use PAL BG,( PAL is the colour system and I/BG the sound system), so all you have to do is specify that the tv has both systems. This is if you want to view the local programs as well as British satellite channels in a room other than the one with the satellite receiver.

I have a customer who bought over a new Samsung LCD tv and it only had the UK system and as she is a cypriot she was upset when she was told by the makers that she had to purchase a sound panel to be installed,at extra cost. Some modern tv's cannot be "chipped" for sound.