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EAC invoices

Posted by pioneer-672168 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by CarolH-668583 - 9 years ago

the electricity is not expensive its the fuel charges!

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Posted by raimie - 9 years ago

Hi - where is the official statement from the EAC to say when the increase was to take place? They are very good at telling you in their bills of some forthcoming event but never explain a change in the bill! The fixed charge increased during 2009 again without explanation. My bill works out at 40% increase too, also November to January. I would suggest they should work from their reading which was taken as near to the 1st Jan as possible - not going back 2 months! I will be going to complain also.

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Posted by Miguel-661697 - 9 years ago

The rates on my bill have also increased and it covers 12 November 09 - 15 January 10. However, I also note that the 'Fuel Adjustment' rate has reduced by around 41% and this has a large effect on the increased rates when all added together. The 'Fixed Charge' has increased also.

Just out of curiosity, you may complain about the higher rates being applied for November and December, but how would the EAC know how much of your consumption covers the different months unless they have checked your meter at the exact end of each month?

I've also calculated the consumption of previous period (904 kWh) using the new rates and in effect the difference would only be around Euro11 - so it's not as bad as I had expected. I just happened to have higher consumption this time (1300 kWh).

Nevertheless, the bills are still too high........... :(

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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

We wont get our bill till March, I wonder if anyone else have had the 2010 increase on 2009s bill.
Its expensive enough as it is.