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Electric Consumption

Posted by greenfly60 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by jackofspades - 8 years ago

1 bedroom apt. - 2 people

summer - 7-800 Kwh/2months (120-150 Euro)
Winter - 300-400 Kwh/2months (60-70 Euro)

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hi Greenfly60,

There are a few things you can check regards electric useage for yourself.

Are your fridge and freezer switching on and off when they should? Just one of these units staying on for an extra couple of hours a day will make a big difference to your bill.

Likewise do you have any small items plugged in like phone chargers, are your TV / DVD / Sat Box left on standby?

Example: Our TV on standby uses 10 watts of power - that's 240 watts per day - 1,680 watts per week - 87,360 watts per year. So over 87 units of electricity per year for having a red light on and the 'luxury' of picking up the remote to switch it fully on. If your Sat Box / DVD use a similar amount you can see how this can soon bump up your bill.

There are other things to look for but the above is a good starting point.