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Gas or oil central heating.

Posted by desagun - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Nigel Howarth - 9 years ago

Hi desagun,

I have a floor-standing LPG fired boiler for my underfloor heating - I've had no problems with it since we moved in six years ago. (it also provides hot water on cloudy days). It's in a boiler room with the pressurising system, water softener and the other paraphernalia. The gas tank is housed in a well-ventilated room next door.

In my case the boilers for gas and oil are identical - they just have a different burner fitted. The gas burner is marginally more expensive than an oil burner.

I'm happy with gas - no smell, clean, you don't see any spillages (not that I've had any). It's all automatic and switches on and off as needed. The only time I switch it off is when we go on holiday - it lights itself automatically, there's no pilot flame.

It costs me about €0.50 per square metre of floor area a month to run over the winter months.

The system was designed and installed by a specialist mechanical engineeing company in Limassol.



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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

Hi Desagun how big is the house you want to heat? For a three to four bed house a wall mounted combi gas boiler is good value for money. There are a few wall mounted oil fired boilers around but I doubt there are any in Cyprus. If you have a large house then a floor standing cast iron boiler is the usual choice. An oil fired burner is cheaper to purchase and as oil and LPG come from the same animal there is not much price difference per kiloWatt output.

If you install a cast iron boiler you can bolt on a burner of your choice, or change from oil to gas at a later date. There is very little difference now between the cost of oil and LPG or natural gas. The trend in Europe is to link the cost to the price of oil. Gas is cleaner burning than oil so reduces mainteance costs but there is not much difference between the two price wise. Government tax is the difference.

Finding a good installer is the hard part. Good luck.