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Growing you own Vegetables

Posted by slickrick - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by desagun - 8 years ago

Everything grows 5 times faster here than the uk provided you have a watering system that comes on at night. Mine comes on for 10 mins at 1am and 4am. Brought over king edwards all sprouting and only 75p from homebase. Tomatoes by the bucket full, aubergines , dwarf beans climbing beans ,ockra--parsley --onions-- mange tout not available here, from B&Q-12 herbs--lettuce-- pak choi--water melon--broccoli--Chinese cabbage--leeks--green peppers--squash-- courgettes.

I put the majority of mine into individual 1inch plastic seed trays and the transplanted them,

Everything grows here---- just bung it in and keep it watered well at night , daytime watering is wasted water and time it just dries out so quickly. De

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Posted by tfpf - 8 years ago

Best wait until the autumn now and it is very difficult to get seed papatoes here let alone Maris piper, salads and toms are ok now and marrows and melons be care ful about getting the foilage wet as it will scorch in the strong sun I grow in the shade now and pick all summer.My first lot of cherry tomatoe plants lasted nearly 2 years constant picking not bad as they are only small and cost fortune in the shops.

Good luck happy harvesting


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Posted by Cypruswez - 8 years ago

Irrigation is the most important thing.

A well designed system, that is easy to change as you grow different crops, is really important.

Have a look at how commercial growers lay out their plots.

You could use a professional to help with this.

In Cyprus water is all important. There are so many things you can grow, but water is the key to sucess.

Start small and see what works. Be prepared for failure. The bugs here can eat a piano if you don't take precautions. Most of all....enjoy it. Fresh salad, vegetables, and fruit from your own garden are the best.

Just made another 5 kilos of plum jam today....The sparrows, bugs, pests enjoyed about the same. Such is life.