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Help Sky problem

Posted by Chihuahua Lady - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by suntan - 9 years ago

If you press services ,select "telephone numbers" scroll down to Freesat and you will see their number. You can order a card from them for 20 sterling but you have to give them a UK address to send the card to.(call from a mobile phone,and say you are in UK). Then have the card sent to Cyprus,put it in your digibox,call freesat to acitvate your card. There are cards available here but cost more,but are already actvated.

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Posted by Chihuahua Lady - 9 years ago

Thank you sky Man i watched ITV. First time for a while. But can you advise if it is better to buy a white card and if so where do i get it from and what is the price.

Thanks for your help

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Posted by simonskyman - 9 years ago

Paul,what do you mean ripped off ? It is a fact about spiders going in the feed horn. Happens in most dishes in gardens.What you just advised is changing the default transponder to a weak frequency. And you only change this when the digibox says "searching for listings" then "no signal" so that it brings the sky box back on,NOT when a certain channel does not work.

To tune a strong ITV, go to services,system set up,add channels and try either 12.402 or 11.973, V,27.5 , 2/3. Press find new channels and then press yellow button on all the ITVs found,then select,then the sky button. Then you find these ITVs in "other channels" from the main menu. These are very strong ITVs and work from a 1.5m dish upwards,if the dish is aligned and the LNB in good condition.BUT they need the new white card to work or you will get message "not available".

The ITVs that work without a card are on 10.832 ,H ,22 ,5/6 but are much weaker in the evening.

Hope this clears things up and helps some people.

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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

sorry just read it back and I forgot.

After doing 401 press select.

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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

There must be a million spiders crawling down the sky conduits.

You are being ripped off, try this:

1) Press services on the remote

2) press 4, 0 1 (numerical and not on the listing on the screen), ie: press the number 4, then the number 0, and then the number 1

3) default transponder, press select

4) default frequency put in 10832 numerical

5) polarization put in H ( use the right hand arrow on the the key pad and select H)

6) Symbol rate put in 22 (Same as above)

7) FEC put in 5/6

8) Save new settings

9) use the back up 4 times

Sounds like rocket science but it's not.

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Posted by junedm1 - 9 years ago

We have just had the same problem in Paphos and after fetching out a sky repair man he found a spider inside the lnb. Take a look.

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Posted by Chihuahua Lady - 9 years ago

Hi Skyman

If i use the settings above still nothing.Just a Distorted mess of colour. i used to be able to put it on any ITV region and get it ciear but not now.

It always comes up No signal or its a distorted mess.

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Posted by simonskyman - 9 years ago

Which ITV region was it? Did it work before ? Is it saying no signal or not available ?

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Posted by No longer Online - 9 years ago

Have you tried going to Services / Add Channels and set it for 12402 / V / SYMBOL RATE 27.5 / FEC 2/3. Then search for channels and you should see the ITV channels available.

Hope this helps