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Help, Tiny Invisible Mozzie Bites

Posted by woosh - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by gypsielady - 8 years ago

Not exactly an answer to your question but we were told to use Raid instead of Aroxol, particularly if you are using it regularly. The chemicals are less harmful to humans and it doesn't have the nasty fumes that Aroxol has.No see me's are the pits!

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Posted by woosh - 8 years ago

By the way .... how long will they be around for??

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Posted by woosh - 8 years ago

Thanks to Christine & Douglas!

We have fly screens everywhere. But we seem to just get bit in the bedroom! lol! And we dont open windows in there!
I thought about the anti histomine pills I may give that a go. Thanks!

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Posted by douglas1-676196 - 8 years ago

Try buying anti histomine pills small dossage from the local Pharmacy ,they do not like biting you when taking them,but fly screens also help but much more costly

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 8 years ago

I know what you are giong through - last year we had the same problem - and they do bite in the day as well!

They nest in the wardrobes etc and are a nightmare.

The only solution is to get really good flyscreens fitted that are no-seeum proof as we did this year as the little bugars can climb through the regular ones.

Since then no probs - only a few which get in when we open the door, which can be dealt with quite quickly with ezikill.

Good luck!"