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Huge Water Bill

Posted by ticktock-682513 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ticktock-682513 - 9 years ago

We did think about the leak problem, but i would have thought if there was a leak it would continue to do so, the whole probelm stopped when we were out there, removed the outside taps and went to the council, our meter is checked twice a week now and is using a normal amount of water, it has been mentioned that the meter may have been swopped, but we will never know, taken the meter number though, suppose we shall just have to pay the bill and put it down to another Cyprus experience.

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Posted by ticktock-682513 - 9 years ago

Thank you for your information, i have printed this off for my hubby he can take a look at things when we get out in June, everything seems to be running fine since we removed all the outside taps, perhaps its just a co-incidence, still havent heard from the council.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

I live in Larnaka and have no problem with our water bills which remain very small.

Depending on it's placement, it is possible you have have a leak underground on your side of the meter.

Colleagues, who travel frequently and for long periods and are at home seldom, have a meter at the (road) end of their drive.

The leak, on the consumer side of the meter, was not visible. However their bill was initially somewhere around euros 6,000!

After digging up the drive, they stopped the leak. They negotiated on the bill and had it halved.

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Posted by Tang-662317 - 9 years ago

Gone are the days when the water bills were so small they were insignificant. Just over 3 yrs ago my water bill for 12 months for a one bed aptmnt in Limassol was around £12Cyp. Today, for a same sized one bed in Lca, they are around 120.

We had a problem last year during the water rationing with one or two people going on the roof and 'switching' the water from someone else's tank to their own (which I find despicable because we are all in the same boat re rationing), and I've caught non residents using our outside taps to wash their cars. This doesn't increase individuals' bills, but does increase the communal water bill and gives the developer another 'good' reason to up the charges.

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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

I once caught builders using our outside tap for their own purposes.

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Posted by oakland-685861 - 9 years ago


Just thought I would suggest something , quite often with Irrigation system and the Solenoid Valves is small particals getting into the orifice of the Solenoid opening and closing port . The port size is about the same as two or three strands of fuse wire .

You may well see the Controller start and stop and you may also hear the Solenoid close , but that could not be the case if the orifice has a small partical , as this blocks the flow of water over the top section of the Solenoid Valve itself which puts pressure on the Diaphgram to close the valve . Sometimes it can stay open for a couple of days and then blow its way clear , or may need to be cleaned .

If this is the case I would suggest you get a Plastic Filter with a mesh of 180 to 200 , this can help , but not fool proof .

Hope this helps

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