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Mold on wall

Posted by jackofspades - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by jackofspades - 8 years ago

it's on the outside wall mostly...near the bottom of the wall and few towards the top. I haven't noticed any condensation on the wall but sometimes there is condensation on the windows

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Posted by Dizzy Dame - 8 years ago

Hello jackofspades. We experienced exactly the same problem when we first moved to Cyprus and were renting an apartment for a year. (New apartment - not been lived in). I removed the black marks and mould with an almost neat bleach solution which did the trick for quite a while. It did not harm the painted wall which was a magnolia or cream colour and the mould stayed away for a while. If you inform the landlord he should get in touch with the builder. Is the mould near a window - maybe the condensation has dripped down the wall? Hope this helps, seasons greetings, Dizzy Dame.

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Posted by colinmac - 8 years ago

hi if you mix 250 ml water 100ml bleech and 1 spoon fully wash powder and mix it all and u can spray it on and wipe it or just wipe it and this might need done 2 to 3 times max ok in couple days.

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Posted by jackofspades - 8 years ago

Thanks for replying, the thing is, I don't own the flat, I'm renting it and as long as the owner is not going to pay for the repairs or at least a part of it, there's no way I'm going to pay for it. I just wanted a quick fix to get thru winter. I just cleaned a bit with a dry towel and most of it came off, except some small dots. I'd put some diluted chlorine solution on it, read somewhere it helps but the walls are not white so most likely it would make a big mess.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hello jackofspades,

Merry Christmas.

Take a look at this previous post. It will give you a good idea of what to do. Just buying something to clean your walls won't solve the problem, yes it will help, but you really need to find the cause.



PS not usually online on Christmas Day! But just completed a video call to my parents in the UK, they were due to be here but because of the weather in the UK last week they won't now arrive until Thursday. New Year's Eve party prep now underway :-)