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Mouse problem

Posted by Lily2211 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by CleverClaire - 8 years ago

Hi, Two suggestions, call our guy who sorted our roach problem he is cheap and really good. He covers LCA but he may also do other areas you would need to call him. Tel: 99432828

Or get a cat, unlike what sum one else mentioned. get one with the intention to keep and care for as they are quite amazing creatures when treated correct. I have mice too but my cat gets each and every one of them. She has learned now to stop delivering them to me as gifts half eaten so really she sorts the problem. It is cruel to watch if your an animal lover,

Good luck

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Posted by northmoorpaul - 8 years ago

Go to a cat sanctuary and borrow a few cats (say that you organise mini breaks for animals) and have them in the house for a few days and don't feed them.

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Posted by Kancol - 8 years ago

Hello Lily, you need to sort this out now as the damage they do can be awful, we have just had to get the professionals in for a rat , The rat had got into the kitchen and living behind the sink unit, it chewed through the washing machine hose during the night and we woke up to a flooded ground floor of the house , the damage is very bad and we are now waiting for new kitchen cabinets as they are flood damaged and also the damp has now gone into the paint work on the walls, so they all need treating and painting . The cost will be down to our landlord and not us thank goodness, so please take my advise and let someone who has the equipement come to do it, apart from damage you must think of the health issues.

good luck


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Posted by Lily2211 - 8 years ago

Thank you very much for your postings. Since I posted this I found behind my dishwasher large amounts of insulation that they have somehow got from my walls, so I do need to act quick!!!

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hello Lily,

As Tikka said, if you've seen three mice already then you, or somewhere nearby, have a nest. Mice breed very very quickly and are destructive little things so you need to act that bit quicker. I realise your need to dispatch them in a humane way but as they're already in your house I think it's best you seek professional advice and help. The people who do this have access to far more potent powders and potions than you can buy off the shelf.


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Posted by tikka-664777 - 8 years ago

Pepermint oil does not work & nor do those expensive electronic plug-in things. I've tried both before in the past. If you have seen 3 then you probably have a nest somewhere. They can hide anywhere, & I was told if you can fit a pencil in a gap then a mouse can get in it! Good luck trying to catch them, but I would make it soon as they are quick breeders!!!