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Nasty noisy insects..

Posted by Devonite-692897 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Devonite-692897 - 8 years ago

ha-ha...."stellaluna" throwing stones...that's funny....fortunately at my location they seemed to have quiet down. Their short lifespan as adults seems to be nearing it's end. What was funny to me, one day I went to the tree in front of my flat where the noise was coming from to try to see what they look like and did so very quietly yet it seems every time you get close to their "residence" it's all quiet again...probably got some inbuilt radar or something :D Nature is amazing, but sometimes can be annoying as well.

As for" Graham S." whose posts were deleted "x" times...no, it wasn't a joke, how can it be a joke when you have a job working until 2-3 AM, go to sleep at 4-5 and at 8-9 the noise becomes too much to bear !

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Reading your messages, I just realise we have none this year, after last year's fire that nearly took our house.

THey are harmless, as you say, but late afternoon when I was trying to read, I admit at throwing a stone at the tree to make them shut up! They could be deafening at times.

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Posted by PEDS111 - 8 years ago

Cicadas they are,and they are lovely,all part of the dream.

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Posted by simonskyman - 8 years ago

The hotter it is the louder they get, or vice versa.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 8 years ago

I love the cicadas and they have such a short adult life! The eggs/nymphs remain underground for up to 17 years before the larvae emerge and metamorphosis takes place. The adult cicadas don't bite, don't sting and don't eat! They're lovely, with transparent wings - nothing nasty about them.

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Posted by Devonite-692897 - 8 years ago

I've been here from September, didn't seem to notice this noise...I assume they stop by then ?

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Posted by steffnixon - 8 years ago

the noisiest ones in our garden are the cicadas. harmless but noisy lol!