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plumbed in water cooler

Posted by lutondave - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Skipper-689563 - 9 years ago

by suitable you mean healthy to drink?
water coolers that have a water tank are a horrible way to go. There's no chemicals in there to stop thinks from growing. And they will eventualy grow, so unless you know how to and are willing to take the entire cooler every month to clean then it's a bad option. Runing tap water through a water cooler ( without a reservoir, straight from the direct faucet to the water cooler) is a good option, as tap water is chlorinated and won't need cleaning as often.
The best option in my opinion:Get yourself a simple active carbon filter. These are cheap, they last several months, hook it up so that water from the mains runs through it before entering the fridge. This will remove the smell and odour of the water and overall improve the quality of the water. Keep in mind though that it also removes chlorine. So you should still clean your cooler, not as often though, since the water that doesn't have chlorine will always be in the cooler, and therefore kept at low temp and no light. Not ideal conditions for bacteria to grow.
I personally don't see a reason for a cooler since my fridge has more than enough space. I Use a Brita filter, it runs about 3 euros per month for all the water we need not bad. I've heard good comments about other brands as well. Although I think that in Cyprus Brita is the easiest one to find replacement filters for. If you do go with this option get the 4 stage filter kind. That's the wider, slightly more expensive filter. It's about 20% better and well worth the money as I find it actually outlasts the older ones.
If you want to go fancy, know a bit of plumbing and can afford it get a reverse osmosis system. But those waste water and they rely on constant water supply. If you live in cyprus you know both are a bad idea.

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Posted by Toni-680775 - 9 years ago

WE use the water straight from the tap through a cooler in the fridge (it also makes ice cubes on demand) but we do live in the Troodos mountains and apparently have from the tap the water those near the coast buy at vast expense in bottles!

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

I never buy bottled water. To keep cool water on hand I fill up a couple of old water bottles from the tap and keep them in the fridge - refilling as they empty. No need for a water cooler either then!! I think the quality of the water may depend on where you are located though - so best to taste yours before deciding!! I also know someone who makes regular trips to Troodos with the large water cooler style bottles in his car, and fills them up from roadside tap, and again uses fridge as cooler! Guess there are several ways to avoid buying the bottled expensive water whether it is in small bottles or large, and why run a seperate cooler when I am sure you've got a fridge. If you've a large family, consider a dedicated drinks fridge as more versatile than a plumbed in cooler.