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Prunning Lemon Tree

Posted by 5vrgs - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Cypruswez - 8 years ago

In nature there are no hard and fast rules. I am doing battle with a lemon tree in a garden I look after. Neglected and overgrown, it needs thinning as fungus and parasites thrive. The tree has plenty of fruit so I prune each week, opening up the tree to let in light and air. You can compromise between drastic surgery and softly softly.

Try it and see. This approach works for me as this tree is more decorative than functional. In an orchard maybe a severe haircut and spray would do the job.

Gardening is great because just when you think you've killed a plant,.....it comes back even better. Enjoy.

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Posted by winx-688767 - 8 years ago

It's actually too early to prune your lemon tree. The best time for pruning fruit trees is during the winter, ideally Jan.-Feb.