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replacing the immersion heater in water tank

Posted by emba - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by emba - 9 years ago

okeee thanks again

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Posted by lagolf - 9 years ago


One key thing to do whilst you have the system drained down , is check the Discharge point from the Tank and take a look inside the Tank for Lime Scale Buildup !! you may them OK , you may also find they are startinfg to close over , and also the Tank walls may have a thick coating ( depending on age ) which will mean you are wasting Electricity by heating less water .

Just a point to consider .


West Coast Services

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Posted by emba - 9 years ago

thanks for the tip on the stainless steel option, I am a confident diyer but the have heard that a special key is needed to remove the element, which I don't have, so will get someone to have a look....ok ta

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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

Hi Emba,

you will need to know how to drain the cylinder, after isolating the electicity supply.

You will need a special spanner to remove the old element.

Use a stainless replacement element. They last three times longer than cheaper copper element.

Not the hardest job, but, not the easiest. If you are a confident D.I.Y.r. try it. Encounter problems and it could be expensive.

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Posted by emba - 9 years ago

Thanks for speedy reply it is the rcd inside a box next electricity meter outside house that trips, and the fuse inside the property do not blow, all this happens when the water heater is switched on....pop all the lights etc etc in the house turn off until the heater switch is off and the rcd is back to on

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Posted by B-Negative - 9 years ago

Hi there,

this is not a specialized job but it should not be undertaken by someone that does not have a basic electrical knowledge. Firstly is it the circuit breaker that is tripping or is it the RCD (fuses don't trip)? If you do not know what I am referring to then you should not be considering doing the job yourself.

The heating elements are normally readily available from DIY stores and plumbers/builders merchants. It is important that you get the correctly rated element.