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Septic Tank (Cesspit) Needs Emptying - Paphos

Posted by KnightKK - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by KnightKK - 9 years ago

Thanks Sparkles

We've been putting various forms of drain-clear solutions down for the past 2-3 months with no effect. We did get hold of a company who attended, said 2 of the 3 tanks were full almost to overflowing and thus emptied them. Result is that the smell we have been living with for so long has now gone.

Did not know about them (now) having to be emptied more regularly but, as we are looking to move anyway, will not be our problem in the future.


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Posted by sparkles-691274 - 9 years ago

Septic tanks & cesspit's work in a different way however you might like to see if it is blocked first before you get some one to empty it, once you start emptying septic tanks it will need emptying frequently as the bacteria will be removed, try putting caustic soda crystals down your drain but be careful to wear protective gloves and eye protection as it could cause you serious burns.