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Showtime TV

Posted by thedon29 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by simonskyman - 9 years ago

If it sounds too good to be true then it is. There will always be a "pirate" way of getting some channels, but always short lived . They never last long. I have been in the sat business since before sky and it all started over here wirh ssvc boxes,hacked ltv boxes,then it was fun cards,matrix cams,dragon cams,receivers with codes etc. They lasted for nearly a year then codes would change more frequently and you would end up with blank screens longer than having something worth watching,even cutting off during a match or movie. All these items are now collecting dust in the garage,stuff from people who decided in the end to pay the legal price and are now satisfied with uninterrupted viewing of their favourite channels .

I would like to see some people own up and admit they are fed up with "that" wireless internet network with tv channels which keep going off for long periods and ringing up the person responsible and getting either no response or abuse.(No,its not me)

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Posted by englishnative - 9 years ago

Arabsat/Nilesat is free view and has few good channels - dubai one, mbc2, 3 & 4, MBC Persia, MBC Action, CNN, BBC news etc .

A lot of saatellirte guys will sell you a card and "unblock it" which is illegal and also you often have to go back to shop each month or so for them to unblock it again. My friends got ripped off this way - they wanted sports channels etc and paid 300 euros for rubbish.

I suggest hooking up internet with primetel or cablenet for the free channels and constant internet and then plugging a computer/cheap laptop into tv and watch streaming or downloaded tv/movies off the net!