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shrubs dying --------------coated

Posted by baroomeeter-698967 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by baroomeeter-698967 - 8 years ago

thanks will try your tips never heard of woolly aphids be fore. again ta!

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Posted by Cypruswez - 8 years ago

Sounds like wooly aphid. They love hibiscus.

Spray with a general insecticide mixed with a parrafin oil additive.

The wooly aphid as well as the scaly aphid are waterproof and laugh at most sprays, this is why you need a parrafin oil mix to get the spray to stick.

Take a small cutting to your local nurseryman. He will advise what to spray, and how often.

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Posted by oakland-685861 - 8 years ago

As a norm this White Powder is the signs of Aphids , they spread very fast , they seem to come to Hibiscus then spread from there .
As a starter mix up some Washing Up Liquid with Water and Spray them all over , but after sun set , or better still get spray from the DIY or Agricultural Suppliers they all stock a product .