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Sky freeview

Posted by thedon29 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by simonskyman - 9 years ago

I haven't heard anything about losing those channels. We have these rumours every year.Weren't we meant to lose everything last year ?

Only last week ITV got even stronger than the strong signal we got last november, along with CH4/film four( receivable on a 1.5m dish). BBC was "weakened"once about 6 years ago when they became free to air and have been the same ever since.I don't think they can "weaken" the current signals we get on the sats they transmit on without causing problems in UK,but thay can switch frequencies,which is what they did with ITV last week.Central S and E were moved to a stronger frequency but are no longer free to air ie you need a card to view them(and they cannot be received on a freesat receiver).

I'm not saying it will never happen though as they can suddenly switch over in an instant for technical reasons.

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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

We really need to hear from the experts on this, but
they could reduce the signal strength, but I believe that its current strength is needed to break through the constant cloud and rain, weather etc that the UK enjoys.
I may be wrong

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Posted by suntan - 9 years ago

Only Cyprus ? Why Cyprus ? How can they switch off just Cyprus ?

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Posted by thedon29 - 9 years ago

The main thing is, weve heard IT IS coming off, hope its all lies! Anyone else??

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Posted by enigmablinds - 9 years ago

I was told July ?