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Technical problems with CYTA broadband

Posted by mayfly-680571 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Hi mayfly and all - I hope this helps you.
However strange as it may seem, the speed of your line (2Mbps) does not determine the speed you will get from the internet. This is the speed you receive from your point (computer) to the internet provider (cytanet).
For example, if you are accessing information from a busy server on the internet in the USA, such as a just released Microsoft update, then due to a high request this will cause high traffic to that server and it may only be able to give you an average access speed of of 300bps. If this is the case, then that's the speed you will get from that site/server - you can't force the server to give it to you any faster.
It's like having a 5 cm wide water pipe, but that's fed from a 1cm hose - you will never get 5 cm of water ever.
The first thing you need to do is to check your internet connection speed from your computer to cytanet by running the 2 tests they have.
1. cytanetGo to the cytanet home page, www.cytanet.com.cy and at the top of the page click the "measure my speed" button.On the next page, follow the instructions to run the speed checkThis will give you the speed from your computer to your internet provider, ie cytanet through the internet connection
2. i-choiceThis is to measure the speed of your digital connection as it goes from your computer to the digital point at cytanet, but not through the internet.Go to the i-choice home page, www.i-choice.com.cyOn the left click "internet" and then cytanet - it will ask you to disconnect which is what you need to doThen click "bandwidth" that is above "internet" on the leftFollow the instructions on that page and it will give you your speedWhen finished, click the "internet" then cytanet and enter your username and password to reconnect to the internet.
These 2 speeds - you can make screen shots of them to keep - will tell you the speed of the digital line that you have (ADSL) and the speed through the internet to your internet provider (cytanet).
If you have a 2Mbps subscription (not 2000Mbps - I'd LOVE that speed!!!) then you should be getting close to that - within 10%.
If you are not getting close to the speed you pay for, then you need to call cyta on 132, option 3, option 3 and speak to the i-choice department to sort things out for you.
I started to have a problem with my internet last December. After a few of months of to-ing and fro-ing Cyta found the problem - it was a problem with the bandwidth from one of their points to my house. A very obscure problem with congestion of traffic on the line to me.
Unfortunately it could not be fixed there and then, but they gave me a date when they would be getting the new equipment and installing it - June 15 2009 - and on June 17 they called me to check it and since then I have not had any problems.
I hope that helps you.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

I do think it depends very much where you are located.

I depend on reliable Internet connectivity for my work and have to say the service we have had from Cyta over a number of years has been excellent.

We get exactly what we pay for, and even when we read on the forums about people experiencing connectiivity problems on particular days, we have so far been ok.

The only glitch we experienced was when the modem needed to be replaced. We collected a new one immediately from Cyta. No charge, no fuss - in and out of the building in about 2 minutes.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Lime,

No offence taken. I was suggesting Mayfly get someone to look at their computer set up and settings just to make sure everything was OK at their end. Perhaps a neighbour or friend with IT experience and not neccesarily a computer company rep, sorry if I didn't make that bit clear. As we now know from Mayfly's later post her other half is computer savvy so they now know for certain it's down to CYTA.

I mentioned checking settings becuase I know of 3 or 4 people who had slow broadband speed which was partly down to their computer set-up. OK once the settings were corrected it improved the speed, by about 15%, but they still were getting pityful results compared to what was, and still is, advertised by CYTA.

This is a long term problem for CYTA and the other suppliers as the infastructure here has been found wanting. If Telefonica and BT struggled for years playing catch up with demand with the financial clout and workforce they have then CYTA doesn't stand a chance. We therefore have to accept, for the moment. the speeds we are getting and hope CYTA dispense with their misleading claims.


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Posted by mayfly-680571 - 9 years ago

Hi Everybody,
Many thanks for your comments and advice... I was slow to respond, because I've spent most of the morning sorting out the Electricity board (The electricity was cut-off in error this morning!!!), AND most of this afternoon on the phone to CYTA.... Exhausting!
I currently have 127 kbps - a fairly typical speed - CYTA confirmed that there's a problem, but it never gets resolved!! I am certain that it's not the computer(s) - my other half is very PC savvy, and he has the same problems, plus, CYTA do acknowledge that it's at their end...... I get to deal with this stuff simply because he works away a lot!
Anyway, it appears that there is no quick or easy solution, and I am reassured that it's not in my imagination........ I shall try not to get too depressed, but if anybody has a breakthrough, please keep me in the loop - must try to be optimistic!!!!!!

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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

johnners, no disrespect, but the kind of problem that mayfly described is very unlikely to be caused by settings of his computer... although, of course, it is possible to invite someone just to be extra sure, i would guess that there are better ways to waste money.

on the side issue, i do agree with you that cyta shouldn't be demonised for their quality of service - in my experience, they are the best generally available ISP in Cyprus. The problem is, however, that their best is not nearly as good as they claim in advertisement - what's the point of offering and charging your clients for 8mbps connection when you can only deliver 2mbps....

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Mayfly,

The demand for telephone (landline and mobile) and internet usage has caught CYTA out. The company is not alone in this respect BT in the UK and Telefonica in Spain, amongst others, couldn't keep up with the demand even with their financial clout allowing them to throw millions of pounds/euros at it. BT is just about coping now and its taken them 5 years to do it, so... don't hold your breath for CYTA to catch up anytime soon they simply don't have the people/cash to do it. They find it difficult to recruit staff with the required knowledge to build and upgrade exchanges etc. For example anyone working for BT in the UK would take in the region of a 65% pay cut to come and do the same job here, the trade off is simply too high for most people. I know this as several of my former collegues have been approached to come and work here to upgrade the system.

CYTA can't soley be blamed for internet access to sites not hosted on the island once the service breaks out to the wider world you are at the mercy of other operators. One reason why pages from this very site can load very slowly is the server hosting Angloinfo is in Texas, USA.

It is worth, as Geordiadis suggests, getting someone to check your computer set up just to make sure everything is working as well as possible. Its not unusual for some settings to have been corrupted in some way. At least then you'll get a truer picture of the speeds you're getting from CYTA and therefore more ammo to complain to them about.


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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

mayfly, I think this question has been raised here a number of times - use the search facility... In short:

yes - CYTA sucks and fails to deliver the quality of service promised;

yes - that practice is illegal and you can terminate your contract with them;

no - there is no real alternative (except perhaps Cablenet, but they are barely available anywhere), as all other service providers either suffer from the same problem, are not available in your area, or offer terrible services from the start (hello to Primetel with its service throttling limits!).

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

This may depend a lot on your location I suspect. I've had CYTA broadband for a couple of years and can't say I have major problems. There do appear to be some quirks though that I have learnt to accept. I live quite a distance from an exchange, but outside main city area - so suffer a little with the distance from the exchange. However, it is sufficient bandwidth to stream to at least two computers and sometimes 3 with no apparent loss of quality - apart from the weekends when two is the max and that is sometimes pushing it. However there is usually sficient for one stream, though not necessarily HD quality. I have found the Siemens router a little dark horse however - especially after power cuts etc .. yesterday it 'appeared' to have DSL connection, but we could not connect at all. It took a router reset to get all back working again - and I have had similar apparent bad connections resolved by resetting/powering off the router. Anglo-info's site appears to be slow on it's retrieval of next pages for some reason. If I am accessing UK sites I often use a VPN connection to the UK to get better results. Filmon I find to be a slower access than for example Zattoo - so i have my suspicions on how CYTA do their routing to some parts of the globe .. could explain some of your issues - depends what sites where and when you are having your problems!!

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Posted by georgiadis - 9 years ago


I always use AB Computer Assistance for problems, Bill is great and he has sorted out my broadband problems. His number is 99114617 and he will come to you. His price is excellent.