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Wasted pool electric !

Posted by desagun - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

The motor on your pool pump has a data plate which should give the power consumption. I.E. a one horse power motor uses about 740 watts per hour. The same as 18 forty watt light bulbs.

1000 watts = 1 kilo Watt.

Your electricity bill works on a sliding scale. The more you use, the more you pay. You should see a price charged per kiloWatt hour.

I recommend pool users fit a digital time clock and run the pump two or three times a day, to prevent stagnation, but only long enough to keep chlorine levels up. As the weather cools, reduce the run time. Keep the pH as close to 7.3 a possible otherwise chlorine is easily lost. Try using a 'winterising' algaecide to keep water clear.

Swimming pools use a huge amount of energy! Be responsible! Save yourself money, save the planet. (save a bit for me please).