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Posted by Sharon52 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Unfortunately, the deposit is needed because people have "done-a-runner" in the past - and still do.
I was with an Estate Agent customer 2 weeks ago and he had 2 bills in front of him. He told me that they had both done a runner from the rented properties and although he had 1 month rent, he still had to pay the bills (water and electricity) on the 2 rents - one guy from Romania and one family from the UK.
He vowed never to leave the properties on his name :-)

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Posted by lar-wom-75 - 9 years ago


When I moved in to my flat in Larnaka recently the waterboard charged 45 euro in deposit. The way they explained to me is that when I move, I just go back there with the paper showing that I paid that sum and I will get it back then. I agree with the previos posts, the only way not to pay this is if your friends landlord agrees to keep the bills in his name.

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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

They have a similar practice in Limassol, but it is much less than 200 Euros (something like 50-100, can't remember...)

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Posted by Giorga Polydorou - 9 years ago

Hi ask the landlord to keep the water bill on his name atherwise will not take the house I rend two flats and always I have the water bill on my name

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Posted by jacksdad-691272 - 9 years ago

We live in a village in Paphos and when my brother-in-law rented his house out the Mukthar charges the new people 170 tis is in case you do a runner with out paying, they did get it back when they left that was this year

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Posted by brit-build-ltd - 9 years ago

Tell them not to do it,it is a rip off,it used to be 20 pounds