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Will a dehumidifier cure our damp, bubbling walls

Posted by bibibaby - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by bibibaby - 8 years ago

Thanks a lot!

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Posted by Cypruswez - 8 years ago

If plaster on walls is bubbling up and falling off, it is probably rising, or penetrating damp. Rising damp comes up through the base of the building, and is usually worse in winter. The cure is a damp proof course.

Penetrating damp is caused by water seeping through the walls around steps, window frames, patio doors. Check all the places where there is damp. Gaps between window cills and brickwork. Patio installed to high, so water seeps into building slab.

Is there damp close to where A.C. condensate drains are located? These are often badly installed and allow the condensate to run back towards the house causing damp areas. De humidifiers usually only help when you have mould (mildew) forming on walls or ceilings where there is high humidity..kitchen..bathroom..and cold surfaces. Water droplets feed the mould. Get expert advice before you spend money.

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Posted by bibibaby - 8 years ago

Thanks to all of you for your help - I am sure your brother's post would be interesting. I'll see if I can find itAt the moment we are not using any heating - this problem has been ongoing through the summer and now looks like it will get worse through the winter. We open windows and ventilate during the day every day. It is worse behind furniture - even an inside wall is bad behind a dressing table. In the winter we use free standing radiators, electric panels and a living flame gas fire (but this is hardly used as it is too hot!) The build is better than average for Cyprus. We had the exterior painted in Protex last year which is supposed to be protective.My friend had the same problem which eventually produced mouldy mattresses and she fitted air vents in there and it has helped a lot - the developer had the audacity to tell her that it was because she was living in the house! Also that she needed to open windows - but this was the winter of 2007 and it was too cold!

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hi Bibibaby,

Good original build quality and ventilation is the only real answer.

You're stuck with the build quality (unless you've oodles of cash) so you'll need to get the ventilation sorted and it will minimise the problem.

What form of heating are you using? The answer to this question will also make a difference to how you sort out the air circulation.

There's an earlier post, from about six months ago, here on Angloinfo, that dealt with this in some detail. My brother (who travels worldwide designing and installing huge air purification and conditioning systems) wrote some notes and advice and I posted it up in response to another very similar question. I'm a bit pushed for time to search for the post itself (off to the airport shortly) but will try and post up my brothers musings later!


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Posted by tups-660968 - 8 years ago


we have the same problem, so my husband fitted a few air-vents last year, so we are waiting this year to see if it will work


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Posted by bibibaby - 8 years ago

Thanks - looks like it is just going to be an ongoing problem.
Which village are you referring to?

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 8 years ago

It will help, but there is no real cure, the buildings are built without a damp coarse and with substandard cement and sand (grit). The high summer temperatures generate moisture and this comes out the walls as the temperature drops in the winter months. The building sucks moisture out of the ground in summer and again this comes out the walls in the cooler months.

Opening windows and letting air in helps, move large furniture off the wall also helps, open a window when showering or cooking helps and if its not too cold sleep with a window open, when you sleep you generate moisture.

Don't forget to keep your house safe, we had 30 reported burglaries in our village last month!