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Insurance for cypriot resident in UK

Posted by Dragon Warrior - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by stavros-662321 - 9 years ago

you can go to Gan direct and give you an insurance for 1 year valid in all EU countries including UK, even with your car Chassis number or UK reg Plates.

But you need to show them all you legal papers for car ownership

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Posted by Dragon Warrior - 9 years ago

Aviva replied to me that they don't do short term insurance, they do only for one year. 

I believe that they are either stupid, or they hire stupid people. On their website says something else. 

However, I found this insurance company that does it no matter what. You can be from the moon as long as you have a EU driving license. 


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Posted by Dragon Warrior - 9 years ago

Ok. With great effort and about 50 phone calls (20 in UK and 30 in Cyprus) I found what I was looking for. 

For non UK residents holders of EU driving license, you can get a short term (up to 28 days) insurance on line at aviva: http://www.aviva.co.uk/short-term-car-insurance/

You can purchase online with credit or debit card. 

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Posted by Dragon Warrior - 9 years ago

It seems that there is no way that a Cypriot Insurance Company will issue an insurance for a car on English plates in UK. 

The problem is that I already booked hotels in Europe for the trip, I have paid (non refundable) airplane tickets and Euro channel tickets. 

I have called several insurance companies in UK and they told me that only UK residents can be insured. 

What the hell people, we are living in the jungle? Can anyone give me an advice? 

I could try to get an insurance from Cyprus to cover me for any type of vehicle within a limit of characteristics like maximum engine size, maximum horse power, etc. 

Does anyone know if authorities in UK will consider such insurance when buying a car? 

Help. I am beginning to get desperate. 

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Posted by Dragon Warrior - 9 years ago

Thanks for the info. 

I already tried to my insurance broker and he told me that most insurance companies said no to my request. 

At least he didn't said a permanent no yet. I will keep annoying them. 

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 9 years ago

If you speak to your insurance company here in Cyprus they can cover you one of two ways, if you have the registration number of the vehicle they will issue a policy with this registration which will cover you in all eu countries. If you don't know the registration you could pay more for comprehensive cover which will give you third party on any car you drive.

talk it through with your insurance company and tell them what you intend to do and tell them at the end it will be registered in Cyprus and will require their insurance cover, if they wont help change company!!

I drove from Cyprus to Bulgaria and gan direct were more than happy to cover me at no additional cost. I had no problem at the boarder and the Bulgarian police were quite happy with the policy.

Kind regards