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Living in North Cyprus or TRNC

Posted by StevieB-691428 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Hi Stevie, as alski has said, this is a sensitive topic and yes, the British High Commission in Cyprus (which has offices on both sides of the Green Line) urges caution.

The main thing is that you need to ensure the original title deeds (pre 1974) for the land/property were Turkish Cypriot and not Greek Cypriot.

The global economic meltdown has led quite a few British nationals who moved to, or have second homes 'south of the Green Line' - in the unoccupied areas - to sell up and return to the UK; mainly because the exchange rate GBP to euros has been so bad. They 'feel' prices have risen dramatically. In reality, prices haven't - but the exchange rate has fallen dramatically, making things seem much more expensive if you convert to GBP!

I have British colleagues who 'retired' to the TRNC some 3 years ago (they had been living in a completely different part of the world for several decades); unfortunately one has now started to show symptoms of Alzheimers and they have returned to the UK in order to get medical assistance.

Four other aquaintances have moved south of the 'Green Line' because of discrimination, hassle and excessive charges in the TRNC. They have found they are far better off, workwise and economically, after the move.

However this is a subject on which Uncle Tom Cobbley and all have divergent views!

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Posted by alski - 9 years ago

Dear Stevie

I have a large amount of personal information on and knowledge about this topic (living/retiring in Northern Cyprus). I would like to share it with you but owing to the politically sensitive nature of this subject in the South (Republic) I would prefer it if you could kindly write to me personally at findhaven@hotmail.com giving me a note of your email address and I will happily share it with you off the site. Hoping to give you info which will be of great use and interest however, best wishes.