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A place to take my doggy for a walk??

Posted by AlexandraV - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by Gabi_Mihaela - 10 years ago

That's really sad :(. When i went last week to pay for this year i actually asked. The answer was: "you have to file a complaint" to an office there.So i will really do it.. if somebody is interested in this issue pls sign the petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dogsrights/.Thanks!

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Posted by nicsil - 10 years ago

Hi, I have visited the beach in Agia Napa. I was very dissapointed, it was disgusting, full of rabbish everywhere and the water was very dirty too. I would never let my dogs to swim there, by the way is the place where the sheeps were washed before.It's like "the dogs deserve only this". Agia Napa Council made so much road works there, which really look nice and good for a walk, but they couldn't send anybody to clean the beach. I don't know if the city hall will do something against this in the future hope yes but I'm very interested to know where it goes that money what we have to pay after our dogs every year.

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Posted by Gabi_Mihaela - 10 years ago

Hi.I stoped looking for a beach or a place to walk my dog cause i now the only beach where u are allowed to is somewhere in Agia Napa.Almost anywhere else is prohibited.We almost got a fine once :( It's killing me. I'm paying to the city hall every year for having a dog and i know that there is a law from 2006 that every hall should arrange a beach for dogs. I read about it in Grapevine but i cannot trace it anymore :( Anyway i'll file a complaint to the city hall of Limassol these days.if you know about a association or something like that witch can help us pls let me know. Thanks!

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Posted by AlexandraV - 10 years ago

Hey thanks so much ..ill probably go and take her now, i feel sorry for her that i cant take her out and let her and me just feel free without being nervous that someone is going to shout at me heh. You dont know of any beach i could take her to?

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Posted by DanO-682696 - 10 years ago

Hi Alexandra,

You have my sympathy - many Cypriots seem to have an odd attitude towards dogs. Maybe you could drive out of town taking one of the junctions heading north on the other side of the highway. You should quickly pass through what's left of Limassol city - then just select one of the many agricultural tracks and walk your dog there. Probably take about 10-15 mins if the roads aren't busy. Alternatively, maybe take the sea-front road and head past the Amathus tourist area. You should find the odd track in the scrub land where you'll hopefully not bother anyone. Guess it'd take about 10 mins or so again.