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Any information needed on having a dog in Cyprus

Posted by cbella_84 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by connor-670505 - 9 years ago


My advice ref walking your dog would be to get him used to wearing a muzzle. ie the type that would not allow him to lick/eat anything he may come across.

Most dogs soon get used to wearing one and associate the fitting with going out for a walk.

Unfortunately it seems that poisoning of dogs and cats is on the increase in Cyprus. I have read reports of it happening in just about any location. ie In a village, a town, in the countryside and even in tourist areas.

I have decided that if any of my dogs have to leave my property, even a walk to the local shops, they are going to wear a muzzle.


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Posted by kidderfish - 9 years ago

hi there,Ialso found a beautiful little dog that had probulary been turfed out on quite a main road,i drove past him and then turned back to see if he was friendly enough to help him.Turns out he was over friendy so i took him to the vets who checked for microchip,which he did not have,so i got him microchipped and had him (newted) at the same time so he probulary wondered what the heck was going on,he had only been with me less than 24 hours.Any way i wondered why someone would get rid of him-now i know he is crazy,but really loveable.I allready have a little bitch so it has been quite a challenge to try and get her to except him but we are getting there.My husband says he hopes that i do not find any more stray dogs to bring home as we only live in a two bed apartment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!The thing is i think another couple of minutes on that main road he would have been a gonner,he is only about 6 months old,we have named him HOBO as he is a tramp.Good luck with your dog xx

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Posted by cbella_84 - 9 years ago

Thank you so much for your help! I will check out that dog park with her :)

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Posted by musicalmary - 9 years ago

Hi Cbella, glad to see you are also another animal lover :). You will need to get the dog license sorted out etc. ask your vet and they will have all the info that you need in regards to any paperwork etc.
In regards to poisoning, don't lock your dog away it's not fair, they love going out on their little adventures. the best place to take them is to the new secure dog play place you will find information on it on this forum, its fantastic!
In regards to dogcare, I know of a very good dog sitter if you ever need one although she is in Paphos she takes care of the dog in her home and her rates are very god too. please feel free to contact me if you need any more info :) Mary